Is Poplar A Good Wood For Doors?

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Is Poplar A Good Wood For Doors

I’m sure most people would think of birch, oak, and maple when we think of hardwood. However, there is another less popular type of hardwood called poplar.

And this is the case because they do not provide the same level of hardness as the ones I mentioned.

So with this in mind—is poplar even a good wood for doors?

Poplar’s advantage over other hardwood types is its high durability and lightweight property. But it is hard enough to resist high tension from twisting and wrapping. 

Therefore, you often see them in the construction of interior doors in homes because they are lightweight and sufficient to provide security. But the top benefit of Poplar is that it is affordable and easy to maintain.

In this article, I will provide further specifications of poplar to help you determine why it is a good wood for doors.

What Is Poplar Wood?

What Is Poplar Wood?

Poplar is a type of hardwood or angiosperm similar to oak, hickory, and mahogany. However, it is a medium-density hardwood that is relatively softer and lightweight.

Cedars and pines are some examples of softwood or gymnosperm, but you will find that poplar has a softer characteristic.

In addition, poplar is native to North America and has approximately 35 different species. However, experts group the different poplar wood species into three sub-categories: cottonwood, balsam, and aspen wood.

Poplar wood is not popular in exterior constructions like the front door or floorings for the balcony. But they make good interior doors and furniture like cabinets or desks.

They are not as hard as oak or mahogany, but they are strong enough to withstand high pressure and highly durable to last a long time.

But what makes poplar wood desirable is that they are lightweight. Thus, it is easy to maintain and move them around the house.

In addition, the soft and lightweight property of the wood is safer if you have children in the home.

What Is a Poplar Door?

Poplar Wood door
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One of the popular uses of poplar wood is in the creation of interior doors. However, it is still a type of hardwood that offers some level of security due to its durable nature that makes any home invaders break inside a room. 

Other properties that make Poplar desirable are the even texture and fine wood grain. Poplar also varies in colors, including pale yellow and light brown with a slight hint of green.

And with the right choice of acid-stain solution, the wood can even imitate the characteristics of other types of hardwood like cherry and oak.

But best of all—poplar wood is inexpensive and would not certainly break the bank. Thus, it makes them the best option among homeowners who are tight on their budget.

Is Poplar A Good Wood For Doors?

Although poplar wood is a popular option among homeowners due to its inexpensive cost, you have to remember that it is not as strong as regular hardwood.

It is soft and not reliable against scratches and water damage. This also means that the soft nature of the wood makes them easy to dent, and you may have to maintain and make repairs whenever necessary.

However, poplar woods are generally good for interior furniture like cabinets, vanity cabinets, or desks. But they are more popular as interior doors because they are affordable.

But as affordable as they are, you won’t compromise quality and function. First and foremost, the wood is durable enough to last you many years to come.

In addition, poplar, after all, is still a type of hardwood. 

Their unique way of offering protection from potential threats in the home makes them different from other oak and mahogany. It is resistant to high tensions from everyday usage and strong enough to hold off any dangers on the other side of the door.

They are also the perfect option for kids running around the house. The wood is soft, and it won’t cause little to no injuries if they accidentally slam in the door. In addition, they won’t break easily because Poplar can withstand high pressure.

The wood also has a fine and even wood grain texture, making it excellent for paints and primers. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about sanding the wood, spending hours priming it, and getting the consistency you want.

Since poplar has a light brown and pale yellow tone, you don’t need that much primer to lighten or darken the wood. Even with little primer, it can still produce beautiful colors that make it stand out.

When exposed to the elements, the wood emits a rustic aesthetic perfect for homesteads and log cabins.

Is Poplar Good For an Exterior Door?

Poplar is not ideal for exterior doors because of the soft characteristic of the wood. Threats outside the home can easily break inside the residence with heavy objects and slamming on the door.

For an added layer of security, the best option for exterior doors is mahogany, oak, cherry, and other hardwood types with high hardness and durability.

Are Poplar Doors Heavy?

Although poplar is a species of angiosperm or hardwood, it is also incredibly lightweight. It is also the reason why they are a popular choice for the making of low-cost furniture.

The lightweight nature of the poplar wood allows you to move them around the house and position them in any sections you like with ease. 


Is Poplar a Good Quality Wood?

Yes, poplar is a quality wood with durability and high resistance against high tensions. But the great advantage of poplar woods is that they are inexpensive.

Is Poplar a Strong Wood?

Poplar is a type of hardwood, but it is not as strong as oak, cherry, or birch. It is also even softer than cedar or pine, a type of softwood.

Is Poplar a Wood?

Poplar belongs to a species of wood called angiosperm or what we commonly refer to as hardwood.

Approximately 35 types of poplar are categorized into three loose groups: cottonwood, balsam, and aspen.

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