What Color Quartz Countertops Go With Wood Cabinets?

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Quartz Countertops Go With Wood Cabinets

Quartz countertops are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. This makes them ideal for use in the kitchen. In most cases, quartz counters and wooden cabinetry are a beautiful match.

You can make your countertops the focal point of your kitchen’s design and give it a more elegant look. In addition, they may outlast more traditional options like granite and marble. Thus, making them an attractive option.

If you have wood cabinets and are wondering what color quartz goes best with, you’ve come to the right place.

You can choose from smooth or textured versions depending on the look you’re going for. First, select light tones like Cambria white. You can also use Lagoon quartz (beige) and Helix quartz (cream). Then, go for a darker quartz shade to emphasize their grace and sophistication. These may come in Marquina quartz (black). At the same time, you can apply Metropolis and Levven quartz which provides a dark gray tone. 

What Quartz Looks Best With Wood Cabinets?

Quartz Looks Best With Wood Cabinets

Generally, white quartz looks great with various wood tones and types.

Wood cabinets are a beautiful addition to any kitchen design, from modern to farmhouses to coastal.

With its attractive and aesthetic appearance, Quartz is an excellent material for countertops. And this may come as no surprise. To top it all off, quartz countertops can be easily adapted to match the aesthetic of any space. 

Contrasting wood cabinets with white quartz creates a striking visual effect. It also increases the amount of natural light in the room. It’s a terrific technique to counteract the impact of the room’s gloomy surfaces. In addition, a white quartz countertop will make people feel more at ease.

However, there is still a variety of options that you can choose from to mix with your wood cabinets. First, let’s find out the range of quartz shades, from light to dark hues.

Dark Color Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

To begin, let’s look at the dark shades. 

You can bring out the uniqueness of wood cabinets by exploring dark quartz tones. A room might feel more complete with the help of a warm, relaxing pattern.

As a bonus, you may play around with different colors and accessories to make the space unique.

It is time to name each one.

1. Negro Marquina Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Negro Marquina is a type of black Quartz that features fine grain. It has white veining and fossilized relics.

In appearance, it has a uniformly dark black background.

As a darker stone, Marquina Quartz pairs nicely with oak. The black Quartz has white or cream streaks and specks throughout.

More than that, it’s a striking hue that looks like stone.

Incorporating your counters with an intense tone will give them a dramatic new look. Its ebony, rich base, and smooth marbling pair beautifully with wood cabinetry.

2. Soapstone Metropolis Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

You can distinguish soapstone quartz by a dark grey background that is subtly shaded. It has small veins for visual depth and interest.

As you can see, the veining gives personality to this dark gray background’s neutral tone. In addition, it represents a smooth vibe when you pair it with light cabinetry.

Dark grey quartz countertops are a timeless classic. The countertops will be a great practical addition, and the colors attract the eye.

In fact, dark gray quartz and cabinets blend well with colored furnishings too.

3. Levven Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Levven’s design characterizes black and grey waves with occasional white highlights.

It has deep, waterfall-like veining and eye-catching features. As seen above, the brown cabinetry complements the dark gray veining. 

Meanwhile, the stark contrast between the tables & cabinets is refreshing.

Levven’s adaptability will blend well with various design styles and materials. And that includes hardwood flooring and dark-painted cabinets.

A thing about dark quartz countertops is that you can use them to create a monochromatic appeal.

This is true when combined with dark cabinets. At the same time, you can create a striking contrast when set off against white or light wood.

Light Color Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Lighter kitchen quartz counters have several benefits.

For one thing, they will make your room look and feel better. Light countertops are more on the neutral side. So they go with a broader range of decor styles and give you more room to experiment with color.

Keep the new home or renovation you’re planning as a long-term investment. It will help you decide on a color scheme that will stand the test of time, and choosing a light one is a vital first step.

Generally, light tones are a great way to draw attention to your home’s design elements. Let’s identify your best options.

1. Cambria White Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

White Quartz is primarily white. In addition, it often has gray specks and bright sparkles.

As seen above, you can see the wood cabinets and wooden floors. It is safe to say that they complement the traditional white quartz countertop.

Mixing wood cabinets with white quartz is a popular design choice. In most cases, it will result in brilliant but dramatic vertical surfaces.

White quartz countertops look great with various wood tones and types. In addition, it goes well with wood cabinets of varying tones and textures. 

2. Lagoon Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Several homeowners choose this trendy off-white look of the Lagoon quartz countertop. 

You can notice this gorgeous stone with beige, gray, white, and taupe shades. Overall, much like a collection of pebbles.

The image shows a combination of classic wood cabinets that will never go out of style. The lighter cream tint works particularly well with oak and other darker woods. 

As you can see, this lightens up the room, making the kitchen more spacious. It also projects a modern look, softening the dark tones of existing kitchen elements.

3. Helix Quartz Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Another option is the Helix Quartz. This stone is mostly creamy off-white. In addition, its natural veining provides a nice visual counterpoint.

As you can see, several different grays are in this stone’s pattern. With its clean, timeless look, Helix Quartz is ideal for kitchens and baths. 

You can’t go wrong with this for a modern kitchen with oak cabinetry. Also, this shade is great for hiding minor stains like food smears or residue. That is why your space will stay looking neater for longer.

What Color Quartz Looks Best With Oak Cabinets?

If you have oak cabinets, a light-colored quartz countertop will look great with them.

In most cases, light quartz countertops can balance out the darkness of oak cabinets. As a result, they are a great choice for those who want to modernize their kitchen.

White quartz countertops and oak cabinets provide a beautiful contrast. Oak’s distinctive wood creates a classic appearance. When you combine it with white quartz counters, it makes for a stunning minimalist space.

However, most residents also prefer dark quartz. 

If you want to make a statement in your kitchen, dark quartz countertops are the way to go. Due to its darkness, this is the preferred option for rooms with lots of natural light. Likewise, oak cabinetry can look stunning when paired with a dark, elegant counter.

It would be best to think about painting the oak cabinets. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders in sprucing up the kitchen. 

White, grey, and black are popular for your countertop choices.

Should Quartz Countertops Be Lighter Or Darker Than Your Cabinets?

To achieve the best possible balance, experts advise working with a lighter one. Thus, the tone should be softer than the cabinet.

When decorating a small kitchen, lighter colors are preferable. This is because they create the illusion of more room. 

Designers agree that white quartz countertops are the most stylish. You can apply it to make a kitchen makeover. You can’t get a more sophisticated, contemporary style than that with them in your home. Put, clean-looking counters will impress your visitors.

However, this can also work in both ways, depending on your objectives.

Darker countertops are a good choice if your kitchen features light cabinetry. Usually, these are furnishings that stand out against the darker kitchen hues. But it will be difficult to see what’s on the counters, and the kitchen will look smaller if the cabinets are dark.

Best Backsplash With Quartz Countertops

The best backsplashes with quartz countertops are porcelain, marble, ceramic, or glass.

Quartz countertops go nicely with other materials like porcelain, marble, and ceramic. Glass tiles are also beautiful and functional ways to do just that. 

In most cases, quartz countertops create visual harmony with a neutral backsplash. However, a marble backsplash with white counters will make your kitchen look sophisticated.

At the same time, if your kitchen is more of a modern quartz style, try blending natural stone. You can do this by installing a quartzite and granite backsplash.

A dark backsplash could add visual depth if your kitchen has light cabinets and worktops. You can apply the design to balance the light and dark tones of the other parts.

Remember that a kitchen with dark cabinetry can benefit from a bright backsplash. We suggest contrasting the backsplash if you paint the rest of the room with the same color.


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