Which Color Goes With Black Granite Countertops?

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Which Color Goes With Black Granite Countertops

Are you thinking about adding granite to your home? Several people think it’s expensive, but it can be affordable if you shop around. The cost of granite countertops can vary depending on the brand and color. 

Black granite is a trendy material when remodeling your kitchen backsplash or countertop. It makes a beautiful, unique look that also lets light in. Color selection can be tricky. This is especially true when combining different shades with cabinets & appliances. 

This post will discuss which colors go best with black granite countertops. At the same time, we will give tips on choosing which hues work best in your space.

Black granite countertops are an excellent neutral that complements several kitchen colors. In addition, the tile backsplash can consist of the same material as the countertop. For instance, black granites and black granite countertops are fantastic choices.

At the same time, white walls and black granite make for a dramatic and imposing design. However, pick whites and tans, blues and greens, and pinks to make a striking kitchen statement.

What Colors Go Well With Black Granite Countertops?

Black countertops complement a wide range of color palettes. You can choose from whites and tans to blues and greens to dirty clay and pinks. These are all shades appearing more frequently in contemporary kitchen homes.

Granite countertops consist of natural stone extracted from quarries. It is then sliced into thin slabs and polished to create the finished product. In most cases, granite is the simplest material to install for a kitchen counter. This beats out the quartz, butcher block, and marble.

Other popular choices are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Wood Tones

Black countertops are an excellent option for those looking for lower-maintenance material. This is because they go with virtually any paint color and most finishes.

Additionally, whiter cabinets are a traditional way to make a kitchen feel breezy. In most cases, it blends well when paired with dark countertops.

What Wall Color Goes With Black Granite?

When it comes to wall color, black granite tiles are a safe bet. When combined with black granite, white walls create a stunning and powerful aesthetic.

However, blending black granite with red and orange will make a striking statement. You can also apply gold, emerald, turquoise, or purple paint to make a bold appeal.

As well as that, you may achieve a thrilling, dark atmosphere by painting the walls in deep jewel tones.

Remember to get a paint color that will go well with your granite counters. First, pick a hue on the same card that is one to two steps lighter or darker than your best match. Then check the dominant shade of your granite against paint chip sample strips.

Choose a shade that brings out the contrasting hues in your granite. Painting the walls to blend granite countertop accent colors will draw attention. Remember that the primary color could complement a wide range of secondary shades.

What Tile Looks Good With Black Granite?

Black granite countertops are suitable for usage with ceramic or mosaic tiles. On the other hand, you can also pair it with granite, marble, and subway stones.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the least expensive option. In addition, it offers a wide variety of hues, designs, and textures. 

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are square and rectangular; you can find them in most hardware stores. The combination of black granite with mosaic backsplash tiles is quite eye-catching.

White Marble 

The purity of white marble is modest but sophisticated. It is an excellent choice for kitchens with black granite countertops. This will add some much-needed contrast to the kitchen.


You can use the same material as the countertop to create the tile backsplash. For example, black granite countertops and black granites work wonderfully.

Subway Tiles

Light-colored backsplashes with black granite worktops brighten a kitchen. Black granite countertops look excellent, with white subway tiles as a backsplash.

Is Black Granite Dated?

Indeed, black granite has stood the test of time.

Black granite is a classic countertop material due to its uniqueness as a natural stone. In addition, it provides durability and great visual attractiveness to homeowners.

A new black granite countertop may seem like it would cost you much. However, black granite’s longevity and resilience make it a wise investment. First, you’ll save much money by not resealing your countertop yearly.

The use of black granite for kitchen countertops is gaining popularity again. However, black granite countertops are always a show-stopper. This is regardless of whether they are glossy or matte, have a lot of veining, or just a few color splashes.

In addition to its strength, this granite variety also performs admirably. Black granite countertops are as strong and long-lasting as any other. As a result, they will never fail to make an impression.

Is Black Granite Expensive?

No, black granite is more readily available. That makes it a more practical and economical choice for most buyers.

Black granite ranges from about $20 to $70 per square foot. However, it will depend on its style, such as:

  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Black Pearl Granite
  • Honed Black Granite
  • Black Forest 

White granite is usually more expensive than other colors. Whereas tan and black granite is usually the most affordable. 

In general, red granite, purple, and blue granite will earn you back the most money. High-end examples of blue granite include Azul Aran and Blue Bahia.

How Do I Update My Kitchen With Black Granite?

You can upgrade your old black granite kitchen with new fittings, handles & crockery.

Some options to think about are as follows:

  • Swap out lighting
  • Add new hardware
  • Upgrade accessories
  • Repaint cabinets
  • Paint half the cabinets for a high-contrast look
  • Add sconces
  • Work in rustic elements
  • Add storage with simple shelves
  • Use Roman shades for a finished look
  • Paint the floor

Painting is a cost-effective and low-maintenance upgrade. For example, refinishing a wood floor might save you a lot of money instead of replacing the wood floor.

Regarding home appliances, it’s a good idea to seek a second opinion, perhaps from a real estate agent. Then, you can replace them if it shows signs of wear and tear.

10 Prettiest And Most Popular Black Granite Countertop Options

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It should reflect your style while still being highly functional.

A black granite countertop is a classic choice for a kitchen. Here are some ideas for pairing it with the prettiest countertop options.

1) Negresco

Negresco is a stunningly gorgeous granite with delicate white veins.

It whirls over a luxurious suede-like black background. It is the ideal granite for any indoor or outdoor surface. These include countertops, vanities, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds.

Negresco’s natural stone from Brazil is also known as Virginia Mist. This is because it looks like smoke billowing into the air at night.

In addition to kitchen countertops, you can also use them on monuments and mosaics. Meanwhile, homeowners use it in floor applications, fountains, pools, and wall capping.

Negresco is a beautiful granite for both a countertop and a vanity top. A perfect match for your black granite kitchen.

2) Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl granite is a semi-solid black granite. It contains dots of colors, including black, gold, silver, brown, green, and shades of gray.

This stone has a uniform look from a distance. Yet up close, its exquisite patterning and mineral deposits become apparent.

Black granite typically consists of between 60% and 80% granite mineral. This black granite is highly scratch- and stain-resistant.

It has a more uniform black pattern, making it a superior alternative to other granite. Undoubtedly, it will look great with your kitchen’s black granite countertops.

3) Nero Mist

Dark and impressive, Nero Mist Granite is an excellent choice for countertops.

It has soft gray veins, and specks pop against the black background. This makes it a visually arresting design. 

Nero Mist is a striking black granite with tiny white flecks and veins that give it a “misty” look. This granite is a timeless and beautiful option for any project. Homeowners often use it on countertops, floors, and backsplashes.

Due to their inherent differences, no two slabs of natural stone are the same. That is why granite surface features them as genuinely one-of-a-kind.

To complement your black granite countertop, you may choose Nero Mist.

4) Agatha Black 

Agatha Black has a jet-black base that pairs perfectly with granite’s gray and white veins.

This granite’s cool, crisp appearance is reminiscent of the waves in a dark, tranquil pool. It is also suitable for residential and commercial use due to its resilience.

As you can see, the wavy gray and white veins make Agatha Black stand out. You can see its depth and character shine attractively.

Agatha’s black and black granite is an evergreen pairing. One of the boldest statements you can make with design is through effective contrast.

5) Black Galaxy Granite 

Regarding granite, the black galaxy is one of India’s most well-known types.

It is the material of choice for chefs when fabricating kitchen countertops. The beauty and brilliance of this stone have made it a worldwide phenomenon.

Black Galaxy granite is a dark-hued stone that often has lighter speckles of gold or white. It is available in both, whether you want to work with slabs or tiles.

This granite also comes in a variety of shapes and finishes. If you have a kitchen with a black granite countertop, this is a fantastic option.

6) Black Leather Finish Granite

Leathered finishes are modern and are gaining popularity in the design industry.

It has a subtle gloss that’s softer than polished granite. Yet it is still noticeable due to its rough appearance. Leathered granite countertops hide smudges and stains better than polished ones.

With this kind of granite, your stone’s natural color will be more prominent. That’s why it’s an excellent material for a kitchen countertop.

7) Jet Mist

Applicable both indoors and out, Jet Mist Granite is a versatile material.

Classical smooth grey granite, Jet Mist features delicate wispy white veining. 

This natural granite is in favor of architects for flooring and stair treads. They value its outstanding characteristics and performance. At the same time, its black appearance makes it more attractive.

In most cases, very few acids will harm this substance. The acidity of foods or drinks like lemon juice won’t dull the surface.

8) Absolute Black Granite 

When it comes to color and texture, slabs of Absolute Black Granite are consistent.

You may also hear this granite called Jet Black Granite or Nero Absolute Granite. This granite is so solid that it does not readily absorb liquids. You can compare it with some of the lighter-colored ones.

Generally, this type of granite is a timeless classic that complements any design. Additionally, it goes with every shade of cabinetry. 

When it comes to stone hardness, granite is towards the top. As a result, it’s a popular choice for both flooring and counters in the kitchen.

9) Impala Black Granite

Impala Black granite effectively mixes up the contrast of light and dark.

You can incorporate Impala Black Granite into a design in several ways, one of which is for use on hard surfaces.

A glance at Impala Black Granite will show you that it visually stands out from the crowd. The stone has a unique, rugged, and timelessly beautiful appearance. This is due to the minor fluctuations of gray tones and black that give it its signature aspect.

You can put this stone outdoors (as shown in the image), as its beauty and durability make it suitable.

10) Ubatuba Granite 

Ubatuba granite is a top choice for a kitchen or counter in whichever variety you go with.

It has the aesthetic appeal and little maintenance that modern homeowners seek. It originates in Brazil and is a fine-grained granite with black, gold, gray, and green speckles.

On a positive note, it is one of the relatively inexpensive granite kinds. 

As a result of its high quality and inexpensive cost, this stone is quickly becoming a standard. Because of this, you can find it in the homes of quality-conscious homeowners.


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