Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Go With Black Granite Countertops

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Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Go With Black Granite Countertops

Black granite is one of the most admired kitchen countertops worldwide. But that doesn’t mean you can throw any color on it.

First, you must ensure it will look great with black granite countertops. If you don’t choose the right color, your kitchen cabinet will look dull. Or worst, it may be lifeless without a personality.

We have you covered if you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet color that goes with black granite tops. This guide is your best way to find them.

Consider your personal taste in choosing cabinets that complement your black granite countertop. You can pick from dark shades of black, blue, and brown. At the same time, natural wood cabinets also bring coziness. Or you can also apply softer tones of color, such as white, gray, and green, to make a statement.

What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops?

Your black granite countertop would look great with a blue, white, black, or grey canvas. Black also looks great with wood material. Then try experimenting with earth tones such as brown and green.

Generally, black granite countertops blend well with various kitchen cabinet colors and styles. These include traditional wood cabinets, modern steel, and classic white shaker cabinets.

You can try anything in black because it goes with everything. Just make sure that not only the cabinets but also the countertop has a great finish.

Choose finishes that you can easily clean. It also matters what color the floor is. Also, try to match the colors there.

You could try black shutters with a high-gloss acrylic coating if the kitchen is big. If your kitchen isn’t big enough, choose lighter colors.

1. Black Granite Countertops With Blue Cabinets

Blue can be a striking accent or a soothing background color that blends well with black granite.

Light blue cabinets are essential for a modern, airy kitchen.

Meanwhile. navy blue cabinets are perfect for a more daring interior design scheme. Their striking blue color makes a bold aesthetic statement in any contemporary kitchen.

On the other hand, add some gold hardware, faucets, and lighting to the dark blue cabinetry. You will see and have a kitchen fit for a magazine in no time.

Overall, black and blue will seem elegant in a contemporary setting. You can add copper or brass fixtures, and fittings will provide warmth.

2. Black Granite Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Wood is the best material to choose if you want your kitchen to have a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

For example, the above image has a lot of earthy undertones that would be welcome in a home kitchen.

By using a wood finish, the cabinetry and the countertops create a beautiful harmony.

As you can see, the dark oak wood will add a cozy feel to the room. Wooden planters are easy additions, but a wooden floor would be a stunning focus in any kitchen.

Overall, black granite counters are mellow with a touch of natural fibers and light wood. You can supplement with rattan, wicker, and fur throws.

3. Black Granite Countertops With White Cabinets

Try painting your cabinets white if you want a clean, modern look. When set off against black granite counters, white cabinets produce subtle gray undertones.

Black and white can be either a classic or a contemporary color scheme. In either case, the palette is a show-stopper that works with any secondary shade.

Black and white is a preferred choice because of its timeless color scheme. In addition, the kitchen’s white cabinets lend a sleek, contemporary air to the room.

Above all, blending it with granite accents makes for a brilliant kitchen appeal.

4. Black Granite Countertops With Black Cabinets

Using an all-black color scheme, you can go for a sleek, monochromatic look on our fourth list.

It brings a minimalistic, contemporary vibe to kitchens. Everything has a modern, unified look. And with this style, no one would ever know you were dirty. So dressing in all black is, without fail, a safe bet.

Because of its black shade, this tint will brighten up your kitchen without making you feel dull.

Choose this highly saturated black for your lower cabinets. Then go with white or open shelves for your uppers for a brighter feel.

Above all, you can never go wrong with black granite countertops to muted black cabinets.

5. Black Granite Countertops With Gray Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets can look stunning when paired with black granite worktops.

The image above shows gray cabinets and black granite countertops perfectly fit.

In the dim light, the depth of black can cast a shadow that makes this gray appear chilly blue or delicate lavender. However, a medium gray’s adaptability and classic appeal become apparent in direct sunlight.

In most cases, your kitchen will look more relaxed if enough windows let in light.

Since granite is a natural stone, all slabs will be unique. Still, you can count on a certain degree of color uniformity with gray cabinets.

6. Black Granite Countertops With Brown Cabinets 

Returning to neutrals, the mix of brown cabinets and black granite creates a classic look.

In most cases, the addition of glossy black gives the kitchen a dramatic atmosphere. The timeless, go-to shade will always look great in your kitchen. 

Adding light and airy colors will also work wonders for the mood in a room like this. One example is the dramatic effect of strategically placing white furnishings. 

Overall, black and brown add class and sophistication to your home.

7. Black Granite Countertops With Green Cabinets

Being the last on our list, you can also try green and black combos.

This is a safe option for homeowners seeking a modern earth look in their kitchen. While some may find the contrast too bold, a kitchen with a softer green tone can feel more stable. 

Black in whatever form—solid, veined, industrial—goes beautifully with green cabinetry.

Thus, this little kitchen’s mint green cabinets truly open the kitchen space. You can observe that it makes everything feel more spacious and bright.

Currently, any shade of green is undeniably trendy. As a result, green tones, from hunter to olive, are trending in many areas of the home.


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