Black Granite Countertops With Wood Cabinets

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Black Granite Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Do you want to decorate your kitchen with a bold and beautiful look? Of course, black granite countertops with wood cabinets are an excellent choice. The combination of black granite and natural wood cabinets makes a modern appearance.

Black granite countertops with wood cabinets show off your professionalism and style. Natural wood cabinets bring natural elegance to your kitchen.

At the same time, light wood cabinets offer a soft and airy feel that’s popular in many homes. Of course, dark wood cabinets are just as beautiful. Yet they are even more subtle and less visible when paired with dark granite.

So, let’s go right in and talk about which cabinet colors work best with black granite countertops.

Black granite and wood cabinets are one of the most stunning combinations. Wood tones bring out the natural, elegant appearance of the granite. Additionally, natural wood cabinetry will fit well with it without overpowering. Meanwhile, light wood balances the bold colors of black granite.

On the other hand, pairing it with dark wood cabinets can be ideal for warming up your space.

Black Granite Countertops With Wood Cabinets

Black granite countertops go well with a variety of cabinet colors and styles. These include modern steel or wood combinations.

Natural wood cabinets bring coziness to the space. Yet dark cabinets look great with black granite. Lighter wood cabinets are a traditional way to make a kitchen feel more spacious. Like walnut, a kitchen with dark wood cabinets will seem cozy and natural. Additionally, it will give a home a more traditional feel.

Let us explore great combinations of black granite countertops. But first, we’ll start with natural wood cabinets to light and dark woods.

Natural Wood Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops

The use of wood for cabinetry is once again becoming a popular aesthetic choice. 

Natural wood grain is pleasing and ageless, and simple to design.

It gives rooms a sense of depth and texture without overwhelming the eye. You can see some excellent pairings below: 

dwell black polished granite countertop
Source: dwell.com

This black granite highlights the kitchen island and blends well with natural wood. It has a small kitchen with black cabinets hidden above the counter. No wonder it is a favorite among designers. For them, it’s a very smart layout.

This second photo sneaks’ a peek at natural wooden tones. Again, you can observe improved lighting throughout the kitchen space. With the additional lighting, the black granite takes on a slightly subtle appearance.

The natural wood cabinets below the sink in the top image give off a warm, welcoming mood that you can almost touch. It has a simple design that goes nicely with other essential elements. It blends well with black granite countertop and a dark blue backsplash.

Light Wood Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops

Light wood cabinets are classic and practical. At the same time, black granite counters are great for hiding stains.

A kitchen is more welcoming and comfortable when decorated in lighter wood tones. A lighter color will make your kitchen appear larger. They go well with other items for the kitchen. 

When you install a light wooden vertical cabinet, it makes the ceiling appear higher. While it may seem obvious, a spacious open kitchen is usually favored by homeowners.

Unfortunately, vertical cabinets aren’t the standard. Yet they go great with black granite countertops.

The blend between black granite and light wood makes it easy to seek kitchen supplies. It helps homeowners organize their kitchen items.

The minimalistic shade of combination helps them achieve this.

As shown in the image, paring light wood & black granite incorporates natural elements. As a result, the room becomes more compelling in reflecting daylight during the day.

Dark Wood Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops

In the past years, the kitchen is becoming increasingly dark. Additionally, dark cabinets look very striking when contrasted with black granite tops.

Traditional cabinets with a dark wood finish are becoming unnecessary. They say dark wood tones are now considered dated.

On the other hand, some dark wood tones have become popular and will likely remain.

The dark wood and black granite in this image create a dramatic backdrop. The space looks alluring with a striking bold tone of dark wood.

With a touch of stones in the kitchen, it creates a rusty, classic look.

The second image shows how the homeowner added lighting to the space. Bringing some brightness into the kitchen creates a more traditional atmosphere.

As a result, the area now feels more alive and welcoming.

This classy color scheme results from the dark wood finish and dark worktops. Designers bring continuity between spaces with dark wood cabinets and black granite tops.

Do Black Quartz Countertops Also Go Well With Wood Cabinets?

There are attractive options for dark countertops, but black quartz is the champion.

They are stunning to look at and provide a wealth of valuable features. In addition, quartz countertops only require a little upkeep and will last a lifetime.

With its modern vibe, black quartz is a fantastic complement to wooden cabinetry. The ink-black quartz and oak cabinetry create a magnificent, dramatic setting.

In this case, we have black Nero Marquina quartz. Again, you can see that it goes wonderfully with traditional wood cupboards.

It has a granular appearance that enhances the textured finish. In addition, it provides a distinctive speckled pattern.

Black quartz countertops can make a statement in your kitchen renovation. The picture captures the natural movement of the quartz surface with dark wood tones.

Above, you can see that the remodeled kitchen is both elegant and practical. Black quartz countertops add a powerful tone that will easily anchor the room. It achieves a balanced style of kitchen.

Does Black Granite Go With Oak Cabinets?

Yes, black granite goes well with oak cabinets. They provide a striking contrast to oak cabinetry and exhibit the best contrast.

Golden wood cabinets are a common design choice. Meanwhile, granite’s rich tones and polished look make it ideal for the kitchen. Combining this two leaves remarkable good looks that will last for years.

As you can see, granite is a timeless classic that complements any cabinet material. This can be maple but also other natural woods. The best aspect is that you can place it over existing cabinetry, saving you money.

Black granite countertops are a great choice if you want something different. Granite will spruce up your kitchen and stand out against the wood cabinets.

Do Wood And Granite Go Together?

According to designers, granite counters and wood make the most attractive combination.

It’s a versatile stone that goes with almost anything. You can get granite in various styles and colors; it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Keep in mind that almost all cabinet wood comes with varnish and stain. Therefore, the granite you choose to use in your kitchen can affect the stain you decide to use.

Selecting a granite tone that works well with wood is a crucial step in your next project. It can make or break the look of your kitchen.

Make sure you have all the best information to get the ideal combination. When deciding on the colors, styles, and patterns, it is essential to do your homework.

Keep in mind that not all color and pattern combinations work well together.

What Granite Countertops Colors Besides Black Go With Wood Cabinets?

White, beige, and brown granite tones are some of the granite colors that go with wood cabinets. You can also choose from various granite styles and shades, with red, green, and blue ones.

White Granite Colors

The white granite colors pop when contrasted with dark cabinet wood, like maple. Then, they enhance the spaces that feature striking and a more relaxed, airier vibe.

Brown Granite Colors

Brown granite is a good match for cabinets in the middle of the wood-tone neutrals. It’s a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen.

Brown is a neutral color that you can apply to decorate any kitchen. The richness of this tone will surprise you once you match it with wood cabinets.

Beige Granite Colors 

Combine the beige granite with the grey oak cabinets for a stunning look. Next, consider installing a lighter neutral granite to contrast with wood cabinetry.

And this comes in the form of a speckled beige. Doing this allows you to warm your kitchen with beige granite and maple cabinets.

Red Granite Colors

Installing red granite countertops can completely transform the look of your kitchen. This is especially true when paired with wood cabinets.

In addition to brightening your space, red ones can make a statement if that’s your style.

Green Granite Colors

Making countertops out of green granite is relatively easy. Due to their calming qualities, green granite countertops are often used in homes.

As a result, they make homes feel more inviting and appealing. No wonder the combination of brown wood cabinets adds to the earthy atmosphere.

Blue Granite Colors

Blue granite countertops are both luxurious and adaptable. Thus, working with this type of color can also blend a wide range of kitchen styles.

Your kitchen will be cozier and more refined, with cabinetry coated in a dark cherry wood finish.


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