How To Choose The Right White Quartz Shade Countertop Color?

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How To Choose The Right White Quartz Shade Countertop Color?

White quartz countertops are an excellent choice for any home. However, choosing the right white shade is essential. Counters can be a focal point in your home’s kitchen, and you want them to look in the right place. Find white quartz similar in tone and color so that your new countertop looks cohesive.

Consider following these tips to choose the right white quartz shade.

The white quartz you choose for your countertop should be similar in tone to the rest of your kitchen. You may have a lot of pieces with different shades. But there is no reason you need to mix everyone because it won’t look right.

Most importantly, ensure that your quartz countertop matches your kitchen’s style. So that when people look at it, they will see a modern design update.

How Do I Choose a White Quartz Countertop?

How Do I Choose a White Quartz Countertop?

Quartz counters are ever-popular. All four major rooms in the house can make use of them. Since quartz isn’t the most inexpensive material, it’s important to weigh all factors. You should consider the color and design before making a final decision.

They are popular in both the kitchen and the bathroom. However, not all countertop materials can handle the humidity in a kitchen. 

So, pay close attention to the manufacturer when searching for a quartz countertop. You can get slabs with various finishes, including glossy, matte, and rough.

Here are some things to think about that will give you more certainty in your decision.

Cost: Pricing countertop material is a significant issue when shopping for quartz. You can expect to pay more for higher-quality, more significant quantities. You should also expect variations between brands and manufacturers.

Quality: Quartz of high quality, on the other hand, can be pretty pricey. But in essence, these quartzes are all the same. Again, you can consult a professional to determine the highest-grade quartz.

Volume: Before shopping for quartz, you need to know how much space you have for a countertop. Evaluating how it will blend with the kitchen cabinets and crockery is essential. 

Shades: Select white quartz with a hue and tone that harmonizes with the rest of your white kitchen. It’s not a good idea to have warm countertops if you’re using a cool white color scheme elsewhere in the room.

What Are the Most Popular White Quartz Color Options?

Quartz is a complex, durable substance made by a unique process. It fuses tiny pieces of hard quartz into stone slabs producing a striking appearance.

These mineral counters are highly durable and won’t break easily. They are not susceptible to drying out or swelling due to moisture and are not flexible. The quartz tiles will look as good as new for decades because of these qualities.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular white quartz countertop hues and patterns. 

1) Cambria Brittanicca White Quartz

Cambria Brittanicca is ideal if you want your kitchen to have a sophisticated, airy feel.

Britannica features a neutral white marble background. It has crisscrossing ashen veins together with subtle flecks of charcoal.

The black and white pattern can be the eye-catching centerpiece. This may be the understated finishing touch you’ve been looking for. 

Britannica is available in custom furniture such as dining tables and console tables. At the same time, you can also use it for bar cabinets to make a bold visual statement.

You can get that high-end appearance you prefer. Britannica provides a lasting and good impression.

2) Calcatta Lago

Are you considering installing Calacatta Lago countertops in your kitchen?

If yes, then it’s the right decision.

As per the image above, the combination of its boldness and refinement is striking. Calacatta Lago has a grey undertone, so if you have grey walls, expect that it matches well.

According to homeowners, permanent markers and rubbing alcohol can be easily removed. In addition, it does not leave any marks on the surface. 

As you can see, this stunning quartz is ideal for commercial or home. Additionally, you can apply it to waterfall islands, floors, or backsplashes.

3) Calcatta Gold

Calcatta Gold is an exclusive white Italian quartz with gray and gold veining.

In most cases, Calcattaa quartz looks just like Calcatta marble. However, 

the Calcatta gold finish is a beautiful complement to any metal cookware.

The gorgeous light grey hues and lovely gold fittings characterize its gold aesthetic.

In addition to being largely white and patterned, it is trendy among homeowners. Adding Calcatta Gold quartz to your home is a magnificent step to your dream kitchen.

A white theme with gold accents is a safe bet if you want a timeless aesthetic in a light and open kitchen.

4) Vena Calacatta Infinita Quartz

Vena Calacatta Infinita quartz is not only one of the most pleasing varieties of quartz.

This stunning stone will look like marble but will be far more durable. The material is non-porous and highly long-lasting. This makes it resistant to stains and other risks in the typical home, excluding heat.

Regarding home surfaces, Vena Calacatta Infinita quartz is an excellent option. It will significantly improve the look of any room it’s used in.

It could be one of the best investments in your house if you decide to install it.

5) Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone Quartz

Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone Quartz takes its cues from the elegance of Calacatta marble. 

It features wide, graceful, flowing grey veins on an opaque milky white foundation.

Quartz-based Calacatta Nuvo is a robust building material with unrivaled hardness and durability. This mineral leaves a lasting impact that adds a touch of high-end pleasure to any space.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are well-known for their resilience and low maintenance requirements. This new layout mimics the look of high-end genuine stone while maintaining qualities.

No matter how often you use it, the color will never fade or disappear. It is so durable that it will not show signs of wear and tear like cracks, scratches, or chips.

6) Mara Blanca White Quartz

Mara Blanca has a classic allure and a cutting-edge vibe.

It has a marble effect, a creamy white backdrop, and subtle grey veining. This makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of color schemes.

In most cases, Mara Blanca is a popular choice for homeowners. For them, it is not a brilliant or icy white. But, on the other hand, it is not too light, cheery, shiny, and attractive. Just the perfect balance they need.

With today’s popular kitchen cabinet trend, it would be a stunning addition to any home.

Place this gem in your home to infuse it with a breath of new air. You will find that the veins across the snowy white landscape create sophistication.

7) Alabaster White Quartz

Alabaster White Quartz is a timeless and fashionable material that won’t crack.

As you can see in the image, it has a mellow, ivory undertone. However, it’s a warmer white that works in various settings. This marble-like quartz has a white backdrop and long gray veins in the polish. 

With Alabaster White Quartz, you can give your home a luxurious marble appearance. Yet even without breaking the bank.

The pure white backdrop is so subtle. You can even apply that in almost any setting without drawing too much attention to itself.

Generally, Alabaster White quartz will work well with a neutral or a dramatic scheme.

8) Viatera Cirrus Quartz

The LG Viatera Cirrus Quartz has a white base with very light gray undertones.

The scale and the slight but noticeable white and gray variations make you think of a cotton cloud. This pure white stone works beautifully with various cabinet colors. At the same time, it blends well with design aesthetics, from ultra-modern to classical.

When it comes to design, Viatera is second to none. Regardless of your design project, Viatera guarantees the best white quartz option.

9) Viatera Minuet Quartz

Quartz countertops from the Minuet have a bright white base tone with subtle gold veins.

As a result, it creates a harmonious color scheme.

The Viatera Minuet Quartz countertop in most kitchen designs is simple to maintain. For most homeowners, it is just the ideal shade for a tabletop.

If you have a kitchen facing west, you may consider a minuet as your best deal countertop.

10) Calacatta Alto White Quartz 

Finally, Calacatta Alto Quartz is an excellent option if you’re looking to make a kitchen makeover.

Calacatta Alto Quartz has a cold white backdrop with subtle gray veining. This, however, makes it look like classic and exquisite marble. It has a moderate polish and minimal shade variation. 

Overall, Alto quartz is beautiful in both classic and contemporary settings. 

Which Quartz Is the Brightest White?

Thassos Extra Quartz is the finest white quartz imaginable.

Thassos Extra Quartz is the finest white quartz imaginable.

If you’re going for a genuinely stark white look, look no further than Thassos Extra Quartz.

The stunning Thassos pental quartz is perfect for countertops in any house room. These include the kitchen, bathroom, bar, and even the hearth. PentalQuartz has all the strength and durability you need. At the same time, it is attractive with the classic look of natural stone.

Commonly, it’s made up of a 99% pure white slab.

Why 99%? Manufacturers produce this in the same factories as other colors of quartz. There are still tiny particles in the air, affecting slab products.

This is quite normal, but it’s also worth noting that these particles and pores are extremely rare. And much rarer to displace throughout the entire slab.

Above all, what we have here is essentially a white solid. 

Is White Quartz Good For the Kitchen?

Is White Quartz Good For the Kitchen?

Yes, Quartz is an excellent kitchen material.

Furthermore, it also has a more contemporary appearance. 

Regarding aesthetics, white quartz countertops are always a good bet. Unfortunately, you can never get the same level of transparency as in marble or quartzite.

Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops since it is long-lasting. At the same time, it requires little care and comes in various textures.

This mineral is just as challenging as granite and concrete. Yet it is far more forgiving and will not chip or shatter as easily. 

Given its synthetic nature, the color and veining of each slab are relatively uniform. Therefore, quartz is an excellent material for a vanity if you care a lot about uniformity of color.

Do White Quartz Counter Tops Stain?

Yes, Quartz is very resistant to stains because of its non-porous nature.

However, quartz countertops are not invincible. In most cases, they are just as vulnerable to damage as any other countertop material.

White countertops have the potential to be stunning. However, if you don’t wipe up spills as soon as they happen, it may cause discoloration. Even a white quartz countertop can tarnish red wine, tea, coffee, tomato sauce, and more.

Regarding cleanliness, quartz is preferable because it cannot serve as a ground for germs. This is an advantage as a non-porous material.

Cleaning it constantly is the most significant negative of going with white.


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