What Size Should A Doormat Be?

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What Size Should A Doormat Be?

Besides the style and type of the doormat, deciding its size is also an important consideration. And this is because the wrong mat could take up space or be too small even to wipe your feet.

So the important question is—what size should a doormat be?

Since doormats come in various shapes and sizes, the standard size you must consider should be at least 80% of the door’s width. For example, let’s consider that the door is approximately 3 feet wide.

And what this means is that the recommended doormat size should be at least 30 inches.

The article prepared for today will discuss more information about the subject to help you find the best doormat for your home.

What Size Is a Standard Doormat?

Most doormats in your local home depot have an average size of 18×30 inches wide. And there’s another variety of sizes which is about 22×36 inches wide for bigger doors.

However, these figures aren’t the exact standard doormat size. The manufacturers based the measurement on the average size of a household door and establishments with larger entrances.

But to be sure that you are choosing the right doormat size, you must measure the dimensions of your door. As mentioned, the standard size of the doormat should be at least 80% of the door’s width.

Should the Door Mat Be Bigger Than the Door?

Should the Door Mat Be Bigger Than the Door?

The doormat needs to be at least approximate to the door dimensions. However, you can make the doormat bigger than the door if you like it that way.

Also, you can opt for an oversized doormat if that part of the home has glass lights or a torch on each side of the door.

How To Pick A Suitable Doormat Size?

If you are conscious about the aesthetics of your home, then the suitable doormat size for your door should at least match the width of your door. So this means that it should be slightly smaller than the overall dimension of the door.

Other considerations include the materials used in manufacturing the mat and the purpose—are you placing it in your front door or bathroom?

Can a Door Mat Be Too Big?

Again, it all depends on your preferences. But remember that a doormat that’s too big in proportion to your door’s dimension emits an awkward aesthetic.

If you don’t want to overly concern yourself with doormat size, you have to be sure that it’s at least the right size based on your estimation when you shop for doormats.

Do I Need 2 Door Mats For a Double Door?

Do I Need 2 Door Mats For a Double Door?

For double doors, the suggestion is to opt for a double-sized doormat instead of buying 2 separate doormats.

Of course, you can opt for two standard-sized doormats, but they are impractical and non-appealing.

If you are looking for a single doormat for a double door, then the standard measurement is about 22×36 inches wide.

How Big Should the Rug Be Under a Doormat?

Another important consideration when buying a doormat is selecting the right rug. And the suitable rug should be slightly bigger than the doormat.

It must be large enough that it is not bigger than the door frames.

For example, if a doormat has a dimension of 18×30 inches, the suggested doormat size should be about 3×5 or 2×3 feet.

Do I Need To Put A Rug Under The Doormat?

Putting a rug under a doormat is not a necessity because the bottom part of the mat has sufficient friction to stay in place.

But you can use any rug you like for decorative purposes or to protect the integrity of the doormat.

What Is the Difference Between a Rug And a Doormat?

What Is the Difference Between a Rug And a Doormat?

A rug and a doormat are often confused with each other since they somewhat have the same appearance and the same purpose.

However, the two have different functions that make them unique.

A rug is more of a decorative piece, while a doormat has a functional purpose: to wipe your feet whenever you enter your house or an establishment.

Should the Welcome Mat Be Outside Or Inside?

You can use two doormats and place them outside and inside your home. However, you have to be specific about the function of each of the mats.

For example, the outside doormat needs to be thicker and water-absorbent since it is likely to handle a high volume of water, especially on rainy days.

Indoor mats can be smaller because their main purpose is to clean your feet of dirt and keep them warm during the cold weather.

What Type Of Outdoor Mat Is Best?

You will find tons of doormats from various materials in your local home depot. But two of the best materials that can use in your home are either rubber or coir fiber.

And the reason why many people are turning to these materials is that coir fiber and rubber are budget-friendly and highly tolerable in withstanding weathering and moisture.

EARTHALL Upgraded Door Mat Outdoor Indoor Welcome Doormat, 36"x24", Durable Floor Mat Non Slip Rug Ultra Absorb Mud Easy Clean Front Doormat for Garage, Entryway, Patio, High Traffic Areas, Grey

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How To Clean An Outside Doormat?

How To Clean An Outside Doormat?

You can clean an outside doormat and all mats in general in a few simple steps, including regular vacuuming. Using a vacuum cleaner removes dirt quite easily and efficiently.

But a deep clean will depend on the mat’s material. You can use a washing machine to deep clean rubber doormats. However, the suggestion is to wash them with water before putting them in the washing machine.

On the other hand, coir fiber is a bit tricky because of the materials used in manufacturing the mat. For this type of mat, the recommendation is to avoid detergents because of the risk of discoloration.

Also, a vacuum cleaner is sometimes sufficient to clean the coir doormat thoroughly.

How Often Should I Replace A Doormat?

You can replace your doormat once every six months. But it may be shorter if foot traffic runs through and from within the vicinity.

And this is because it could cause the mat to depreciate faster even if you clean them regularly.

You may still use a worn-out doormat if you like, but they may no longer be as reliable against the elements such as high volumes of water.

Is Coir Good For Doormat?

Coir fiber is among the popular doormats in the market, both outside and inside your home. The core material of a coir doormat is a coconut husk, which means they are biodegradable. But this may be the case — the mat is extremely durable and water-absorbent.

Do Coir Doormats Last?

Coir fiber is durable. The coir doormat can last up to six years in a typical home. If you are conscious about your environment, this material can be a good option because it is biodegradable.

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I hope the information today has provided you with the insights you need about doormats in general, aside from knowing the right size of a doormat for your door entrance.

Doormats come in different shapes and sizes, be the recommended measurement of the mat should be at least 80% of the door’s width.

Fortunately, the doormats you find in stores are usually per the measurement of the dimensions of a typical home. For a single door, the standard size is about 18×30 inches wide. On the other hand, double doors have a standard size of about 22×36 inches wide.

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