The Best Tile And Grout Color Combinations (Epic Combos)

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The Best Tile And Grout Color Combinations

Choosing the right tile and grout color combination is crucial. It affects the aesthetic of your home. The perfect combination can be appealing, but a poor color choice can make the room look dull.

Furthermore, light-colored tiles with dark grout colors make the room look bigger. However, darker tiles can create an illusion of narrow space.

The best tile and grout color combinations are blue subway tile with white or light blue grout. Black tile with black or light gray grout is also a unique combination. Marble tile with neutral or white grout and gray tile with the white grout are also popular choices.

Other options are white subway tile with white grout and gray tile with gray grout. You can also try white subway tile and black grout.

10 Tile And Grout Color Combinations

1. Blue subway tile with white grout

A blue subway tile with light blue grout provides versatility. It also breaks the monochromatic effect inside your home.

Moreover, the color combination is a good choice. It can help you to take a break from red and cream shades.

2. Blue subway tile with light blue grout

A blue subway tile with light blue grout provides versatility inside the main bedroom and the kitchen. It also breaks the monochromatic effect inside your home.

Moreover, the color combination is a good choice, especially if you want to take a break from red and cream shades.

3. Black tile with black grout

You can create a modernized look in a kitchen or bathroom by installing black tile with black grout. Besides the non-traditional style, the color combination can also add sophistication.

A black tile with black grout is also easier to maintain since the dirt cannot be easily seen.

4. Black tile with light gray grout

Black tile with light gray grout allows you to stress the tile without putting too much contrast. Furthermore, light gray grout is easier to maintain than white.

It is an excellent choice if you intend to install it in your kitchen and bathroom. It can also provide a visual impression that doesn’t overpower the black tile.

5. Marble tile with neutral grout

A marble tile always brings class and elegance inside the house. However, you must pair it with a perfect grout to achieve your desired style.

Neutral colors like bleached wood and cape gray work well with marble tile. A bleached wood grout complements the marble tile with warm gray. Meanwhile, a gray cape adds a little contrast.

6. Marble tile with white grout

Another must-try combination is marble tile with white grout. A white grout accentuates the patterns and tones of marble tiles. The brighter the grout, the more it will get attraction.

However, choosing pure white grout for your shower may be bad. It will be challenging to clean and maintain.

7. Gray tile with off-white grout

Since white grout is versatile, it can complement a gray tile. This color combination can make your home look brighter.

Furthermore, white grout brings a seamless effect to a gray tile. But if you are dealing with a darker gray tile, it would be better to use a darker grout color to create a contrast. 

8. White subway tile with white grout

An excellent way to make a white subway tile is by combining it with white grout. It will also bring a fresh, bright vibe to your kitchen or bathroom.

But you must maintain it regularly to prevent stains and dirt.

9. Gray tile with gray grout

For a subtle contrast, combining gray tile with gray grout works. Choosing a darker gray tone for the grout can provide a sleek vibe in the room. It is also trendy and sophisticated.

Prevent combining a light gray tile with light gray grout as much as possible. Because of too much similarity, the combination can be less appealing.

10. White subway tile and black grout

Last but not least, one of the best combinations is a white subway tile and black grout. The colors can make the room more striking and appealing. It can make a dull space more attractive.

Perfect for modern and minimalist spaces, this combination is a must-try. 

How To Choose The Best Tile And Grout Combinations?

Choosing the best tile and grout combinations will depend on the style and vibe you want to achieve. If you’re going to make the tile pattern stand out, you should choose contrasting colors.

A white tile and a black grout can help stress the features of the white tile. It can also produce a minimalist and modernized vibe.

Combining tile and grout with the matching color would be better for a unified look. For example, a white tile and a white grout can create a fresh vibe in the room.

Select matching colors if you don’t want the tile to be the main attraction inside the room. But if you want to make each tile stand out, choose a textured or three-dimensional tile. 

If you aim for a subtle contrast, select neutral colors for the grout. It will also help highlight the tile pattern since the grout will blend into the background.

But to be more creative, you can combine neutral-colored tiles with colorful grouts. It can make a room interesting.

What Is the Most Popular Grout Color?

Regarding popularity, white tile with gray grout is at the top. It is a classic combination that can be seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Compared to other grout colors, gray grout creates a less dramatic vibe. This grout color is also used for subway tiles to produce a relaxed and contemporary look.

Many are becoming more creative with the increasing colors of tiles and grouts. They are starting to match colors that will help them achieve a minimalist vibe.

Another combination that is becoming popular is white subway tile and black grout. Blue subway tile with white grout and marble tile with neutral grout are also trending.

What Color Tile And Grout Is Easiest To Keep Clean?

The tile and grout that are easiest to clean are neutral colors, like ash grey and beige. Unlike solid and bold colors like black, these tiles and grouts hide dirt and dust well.

Bright-colored grouts, like white, can also be challenging to clean and maintain. Choosing grout with a darker shade for the bathroom and kitchen is advisable.

What Color Tile Doesn’t Show Dirt?

Tile colors in the tan and cream range are suitable for hiding dirt. Hence, they are ideal for installation in the kitchen and bathroom. They can prevent debris from getting seen easily.

An oatmeal color is also a great option. For a contemporary kitchen, select dark tiles to hide the floor’s imperfections. 

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