What Color Grout to Use With Blue Tile?

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What Color Grout to Use With Blue Tile?

Blue tile is a vibrant, contemporary color that works well with various decor choices. However, what if you’ve decided that your kitchen floor needs some blue tile? But how would you incorporate it into your existing color scheme? So, what shade of grout do you recommend?

Don’t worry! You only need a few different tile grouts, and you’ll be good to go.

Remember that it depends on several factors, including style, region, and budget. But in general, we do have some guidelines to follow when making your decision. Let’s begin!

Choose a warmer, neutral hue for the grout if you’ve decided on blue tiles, such as grey, cold white, or very light gray. On the other hand, if you want a warmer tile to go with your really warm counters, beige is a great option. In addition, you won’t believe how stunning it looks when combined with grout of the same shade of blue. Generally, a gentle contrast of teal is ideal for revealing the tile’s design and shape. 

7 Grout Colors That Look Best With Blue Tiles

Take a look at these ideas and how you can apply them to real spaces. Then, you can utilize it for a new perspective on using grout in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry.

This ranges from simple blue tile and grout color combinations. Finally, we will show you methods for picking color patterns inspired by color theory.

1. Blue Tile With Blue Grout

This shade of blue is currently all the rage. 

And you won’t believe how stunning it looks when paired with grout of the same shade of blue. In addition, it will have a clean and contemporary style, perfect for those who like minimal style.

The image gives the impression of a wall representing a magnificent material. This leads the viewer’s gaze to go across and around the room.

As you can see, having grout the same color as the tile makes it shine. It also stands out rather than the grout lines.

In most cases, designers add brass fixtures to blue tiles. They believe it will elevate the space to a higher level of elegance.

2. Blue Tile With Teal Grout 

A vibrant teal blue grout is currently trending. 

Because of the grout’s high saturation, it looks great and draws attention wherever you use it. It will help the tile stand out and look beautiful simultaneously. As shown above, it looks great with blue tiles, producing a coastal breeze effect.

This grout is a striking turquoise color, making it ideal for accenting floors and walls.

Teal is one of the best colors to decorate your space. For example, you can pair teal blue grout with blue tiles to create a soothing atmosphere.

3. Blue Tile With White Grout  

Blue and white combinations have been a mainstay in many cultures for centuries.

This timelessly beautiful color scheme has stood the test of time. When decorating fabrics or tiling, blue and white are a classic mix.

As shown above, the bathroom takes the traditional square tile format and gives it a fresh new look. First, it lays down a tonal pattern with tiles in two colors. Then, with white grout, it creates an unusual design that stands out.

Overall, a small patch of blue tile may make a huge impact. Blue accent tile stands out against a backdrop of traditional white grout.

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4. Blue Tile With Gray Grout  

As the slight color contrast helps the blue tile stand out, grey grout is a lovely complement.

When you use grout with a different color than your tiles, the space between them becomes a pattern on its own. So if you’re looking for a less striking and more soothing alternative, gray grout can do the trick.

Small blue tiles set in gray grout can be both surprising and modern. At the same time, when using larger blue tiles, the grout becomes more of an understated accent. It is apparent in the tile’s main design feature.

5. Blue Tile With Beige Grout  

Similarly, a beige color scheme looks great with blue tile.

One of the easiest ways to conceal the blue tile floor is to decorate it with neutral colors. Due to their timeless appeal, neutrals like beige are excellent paint color options.

In this case, using a light grout color helped open up the room and make it feel more spacious. Also, using beige grout to fill the spaces between bright blue tiles will produce an even surface.

Overall, the main advantage of using a light grout color is that it will not fade over time. This is regardless of how often you clean it or how much sun it gets.

6. Blue Tile With Yellow Grout  

This bathroom rounds out the color scheme by providing a sunny yellow contrast to the cool blue.

It’s a great example of using yellow grout to define or bind together different shapes. Instead of showing every little bit of stain, colored grout, like yellow shade, can help cover them up.

As you can see, you can always go right with yellow grout whether you’re looking to enhance blue tiles. You can also give a white bathroom some much-needed pop.

Adding yellow grout can change the look of a room. It is quick and easy to add visual appeal to any space.

7. Blue Tile With Light Gray Grout  

As shown above, the light gray grout between the blue subway tiles is a lovely touch.

Applying light grey grout in a bathroom or kitchen is trendy right now. It looks well with both bright tiles and darker tile themes.

The lightest grey grout will help you achieve a chic, contemporary look in your home. You can use it on either the walls or the floor, and it will instantly update the room.

In addition to being less noticeable, light grey grout is also low maintenance. Therefore, the lightest grey grout is advisable to get a bright and airy atmosphere in your home.

How To Choose Grout Color For Blue Tile?

When choosing a grout for a blue tile, there are three general rules to consider:

  1. A lighter grout will make the whole tiled area look brighter.
  2. A darker grout will dull (or darken) the overall look of the tiled area.
  3. A grout color close to the tile’s color will make the tiled area look more seamless. It will also draw less attention to the joints.

Grout Size 

The amount of grout between the tiles is almost as crucial as the tiles’ appearance. The grout line might be virtually invisible or highly visible. It will depend on the tile spacing you choose. In general, the grout lines will appear less noticeable and more consistent. This is because tile spacing becomes more uniformly close.

Grout Shape

The tile’s form also impacts the grout lines. This holds more accurately for round tiles than any other shape. Choose a grout color closer to the tile color if the grout size is small.

How To Choose Grout Color For Blue Tile?

Lighter Grout 

A light grout will make your tile mosaic stand out and increase interest. In addition, light grout can help brighten a room and make it look bigger.

Darker Grout

When you have plain tiles with an interesting profile, colored grout works well. The addition of color brings out the shape of the tiles. At the same time, it can make a relatively simple style of tile. For example, gray grout will create a softer look if you choose a dark or black tile.

What Compliments Blue Tile?

What Compliments Blue Tile?

If you want to stick with a blue color scheme, your color choices will depend on how light or dark you want the blue to be. You can choose neutral colors, bright shades, a plain white scheme, or bold teal.

Neutral Shade

Neutral shades are available, including cream, beige, and black. In addition, you can warm up the blue tiles by adding tan, light brown, and grey.

Contrast Shade

If you’re tired of seeing the same old blue tiles, try putting an accent wall in a contrasting shade. For example, you could use the pink, yellow, or orange side to make a statement.


Tiles in blue and white patterns, or a combination of both, can create a beautiful and relaxing space. For example, using white and blue tiles in a bathroom is a classic design choice. 


You can use bold teal to add a great effect when designing a modern space. Subway tile backsplashes make artwork and fixtures stand out. 


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