13 Outdoor Fence Toppers For Privacy Ideas

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13 Outdoor Fence Toppers For Privacy Ideas

If the house you purchased has a low fence and you want to improve privacy, the best solution is to install a fence topper instead of replacing the entire fence.

So, considering a fence topper, what are the best designs that improve your home’s privacy?

Ideally, the main priority is the height of the fence toppers. It must be high enough to cover your backyard or prevent your pets from over.

And then, you have to be sure that the aesthetics of the fence topper blends well with the fence’s style and design so it wouldn’t look awkward and out of place.

In this article, I will share a list of fence toppers to improve privacy and complement your home’s design.

What Are Privacy Toppers?

In layman’s terms, privacy fence toppers are extensions on an existing fence to make it taller. Other terms you might be hearing referring to fence toppers are fence extensions.

The purpose of privacy fence toppers is to improve privacy and security while enhancing the design of your background.

And if you are conscious of the visuals of your background, you have to make sure that the style of the fence toppers matches the style of your existing fences.

Are Fence Toppers Legal?

Fortunately, most local governments allow the installation of privacy fence toppers. In addition, there is no stipulation as to the design and height of the extension.

Therefore, you can install the designed fence toppers without worrying about breaking the rules and regulations.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Privacy Topper

You must note The following considerations before buying a privacy fence topper.

Zone restrictions 

Although local governments do not prohibit the installation of privacy fence toppers, it may not be true for community regulations such as in a townhouse or subdivision. In any case, you have to adhere to the restrictions they require.

Cost of Installation

You have to consider the budget available for installing the fence topper.

Design of the Fence Topper

You have to plan for the design of the fence extension to determine the materials you will need to accomplish them.

13 Great Outdoor Privacy Topper Ideas

If you are not sure about the designs of the privacy fence toppers, below are some ideas you can refer to find the perfect extension for your backyard.

1. Wood Fence Topper

Wood is a common privacy fence topper because it is much easier to install. In addition, the wood grain finish is aesthetically pleasing that will blend well with any style and design.

The great advantage of the wood is that they are durable as well. And it creates a beautiful patina that’s rich and deep when exposed to the elements.

2. Vinyl Wall Topper

Vinyl wall toppers are affordable but durable that can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are strong enough to handle heavy weights and prevent your pets from crossing the fence.

However, you must remember that vinyl can result in an unappealing patina when worn out due to prolonged exposure to the elements.

3. Lattice Fence Topper

Although lattices are not the strongest type of fence topper, they are stylish and great for gardening because vines can use the screen to climb on.

4. Artificial Hedge

Artificial hedge toppers as privacy screens are not expensive, but they are a little difficult to install. However, they provide style and promote better air circulation.

5. Freestanding Panels

The installation of freestanding panels is straightforward. In this case, the panels are taller than the existing walls. The position of the panels is behind the existing walls.

6. Aluminum Fence Panels

Aluminum fence panels provide reinforced security. Aluminum is harder and more durable, preventing outsiders from breaking into your home.

Also, the panels promote better air circulation without compromising privacy.

7. Picket Fence

If you already have a tall wall, a picket fence is an excellent solution to make your fence a little taller. The gap between the short pickets provides better air circulation as well.

8. Roll of Fabric Privacy Screen

A roll of fabric screen topper is ideal if you have an event in your home. The fabric is a temporary setup to provide privacy for the special occasion.

9. Corrugated Metal Fence Topper

A corrugated metal fence topper gives you total privacy. The metal panel does not have gaps that completely block the view from people passing by in front of your home.

10. Decorative Fence Topper Panels

A decorative fence topper panel is a great way to add style to your home while improving privacy and security. Wood and metal are two of the popular materials for panels.

Each panel has engravings that suit your preferences and the design of your home.

11. Reed Roll Fence Topper

You will typically see reed rolls used as privacy screens. However, you can also purpose them as a fence topper to prevent onlookers from peeping inside your backyard.

Although they are flimsy, they are durable enough to withstand the elements. They are also a unique, organic characteristic that enhances the style of your garden.

12. Bamboo Fence Topper

Using bamboo as a fence topper is common in East Asian nations. They are affordable, and they grow in almost any part of Asia. And one of the reasons why they are very common is because they effectively fend off animals and prevent people from entering your domain.

They are also becoming popular in Western regions because, aside from their apparent purpose, they provide beautiful aesthetics that almost blends well with any fence design or style.

13. Glass Fence Toppers

If you don’t want extensions to interfere with the aesthetics of the existing fences, the best solution is the Glass fence toppers. Unless it is a multi-colored glass, the solid palette of the material will almost certainly match the style of the fence.

In addition, you should refrain from using transparent glass. The recommended glass panels should be blurry and tinted to protect your privacy from people passing by in front of your home.

However, glass is not the best option for security because people with malicious could easily break them. If you plan to install glass toppers, you have to be sure you have a high wall not to compromise your family’s safety.

Why Choose a Fence Topper?

Aside from privacy, the following are some factors you can look into if you are still not sure whether to install a fence topper or not:

  • Improved Privacy – of course, the main benefit of a fence topper is it adds privacy.
  • Enhanced Security – the fence topper also raises the walls and hinders people from entering your home.
  • Pet Safety – the high walls also discourages your pets from going over the fence.
  • Added Shade – the fence topper also adds shade from the sun.
  • Aesthetics – fence toppers come in different shapes and sizes, and you can find one that fits the overall aesthetics of your backyard.
  • You No Longer Need A New Fence – an extension of the fence topper removes the necessity for replacing the existing fence.

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