6 Ideas On How To Hide A Cable Box In The Living Room

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How To Hide A Cable Box In The Living Room

Whether you’re a minimalist or an over-the-top snob, you can hide your cable box in the living room. You’ve probably seen those people with electronics plugged into every outlet and speaker.

It seems it will work for cable but what about gadgets or anything else?

That’s where ideas emerge on hiding cable boxes in the living room. But don’t forget to make it look neat and organized simultaneously!

Here are six ideas to disguise your cable box in the living room for maximum enjoyment!

You can hide your cable box in the living room by mounting it on the wall behind a television. You can also conceal it by using a remote extender. Furthermore, you can also use thick velcro strips on the side. Remember to put it in a basket with holes, a drawer, or a cabinet. Lastly, you can express your creativity by adding some decorations!

Is There a Way To Hide a Cable Box?

Is There a Way To Hide a Cable Box?

There are many ways to hide a cable box in your living room.

The first thing to do is look for a perfect location for the boxes. You can mount the cable box behind a TV.

However, installing all the gear, you will conceal after hanging it is necessary. Especially if you intend to leave it in a permanent position after mounting; next, remember to attach Velcros.

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An IR infrared remote control extender repeater cable lets you conceal the cable box from sight.

Moreover, another frequent strategy for hiding a cable box is to use a media cabinet or a drawer. Then organize the wires through the wall by your electrician or TV installation.

Invest in some wicker baskets too. Put your streaming devices, modem, and router in the foldable bins. Tuck the unused wires into a coil behind the storage trays.

Finally, you can put something on your cable box, even if it’s just an artificial plant or framed portrait.

Can I Mount My Cable Box Behind a TV?

Yes, you can mount a cable box behind a television.

You may be capable of hanging and concealing the cable box behind your TV, depending on its size. Then consider the mounting method and the number of other devices you have.

This route often results in a less complicated setup and a more refined overall look.

When staying at a hotel, you can attach the box to the back of the TV with zip ties. At the same time, you can use a 30-pound gorilla double-stick tape in residential applications.

If you have the space, keep the TV in place; if not, the wall will do.

6 Ideas On How To Hide A Cable Box

The good news is that whether you’re watching TV or hosting a party, there are numerous options for hiding a cable box.

Here are six simple ideas and instructions for concealing a cable box.

1. Mount Cable Box On The Wall Behind TV

Depending on the cable box size, hanging and hiding the cable box behind your TV may be possible.

This leaves a clean space between the underside of the TV and the top of the console or cabinet you place below it. As you can see, you can plug the cables in and route out at entry and departure points.

Putting a cable box on the wall has a few distinct benefits and drawbacks. These include simple installation and superior remote connection. However, it can also cause some wiring issues and the possibility of clutter.

Have a friend hold up each piece of equipment in the spot you believe will work. At this point, while you sit on the couch, check for visibility. This ensures that you hide it well enough from your primary viewing position.

2. Use Remote Extender

A remote extender will reroute your remote’s infrared (IR) signal so you can still operate your home cinema system even if it is out of sight.

The IR receiver cable has a default length of 2 meters. However, you can extend it to 300 meters using a UTP cable.

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Assuming this is the case, use an infrared blaster from where you sit. Most modern cable boxes come with an RF remote, making it possible to hide them completely while not in use.

Although you can’t see the cable box’s screen, the TV’s display will show you exactly where you are in the menu. Your cable box’s remote control will function normally so long as you are in range.

3. Place Velcro

Once you mount the cable box behind a TV, we suggest using Velcro brand heavy-duty strips.

This will keep it in place for good, and each 50 x 100mm strip may handle up to 7 kilograms. To apply the tape, peel off the backing and press it firmly into place. Pressure-sensitive adhesives made of rubber are typically used in temperate environments.

As you can see, without making any holes, you may mount your cable box on the wall with the help of velcro patches. 

To achieve this, attach two velcro patches to the TV mount’s side, one on each. Next is to position the velcro patches on the lower edge. Then you can use the velcro patches to fasten your cable box to the wall.

4. Drawer or Cabinet

Hide A Cable Box in to Drawer or Cabinet

You can hide your cable box in a nearby cabinet or closet and control it with infrared remote controls. 

Generally, this is a fantastic method for keeping the box out of sight. It prevents dust, grime, and other debris from entering the box while keeping the wiring on the rear of the box neat.

You can determine whether you can install the cable box’s size by its size. Then check for adjustments if necessary. When built correctly, a cabinet can protect cable boxes from harm. It ensures that the device continues to function normally.

By all means, there is no requirement for an open cable box. Some individuals hide the box out of sight in a closet or maybe just beneath some furniture.

5. Use a Basket With Holes

If you want to keep your cable box neat and out of sight, you can set a large basket on the floor next to an outlet.

By using a collapsible basket, you will be able to get the wires through the opening. You’ll need to drill a hole in the rear to avoid hanging the box from the top of a conventional basket. We suggest using the foldable baskets since they did a better job concealing the cables of the cable box.

Because of the heat your modem and cable box generate, placing them in a heat-venting basket is important.

In addition, you need to wire your cable box hard to function into a power source. Thus it also needs an active internet connection. With the help of the holes, the box can be neatly routed through their respective openings.

6. Add Decor

If you’re out of ideas, try decorating your cable box with some pretty items you already have at home.

For example, you can use a magazine rack as a divider for electronic devices. These include computers, tablets, and phones. Then to hide the cable box, stack some books on top and underneath it.

Alternatively, you can use a dust jacket to shield the container. But make sure it ventilates or consists of mesh to prevent the wires from getting too hot.

Add something little, such as a plant, a frame, a small light, or a showpiece, to your living room. With the help of this, you can soften the effect of your cable box without making major renovations.

The steady weight could crack your cable box, so don’t overload it.

What Is The Easiest Way To Hide Cables?

Hooking cords to the back of your furniture is the easiest way to hide the cables.

To achieve this, you can use clear cord clips, such as command cord clips. This helps attach around the back corners of your furniture to conceal cords.

In addition, you can also use a cable raceway to hide connections in plain sight. Or you can slide cords into a drawer or use cable sleeves to organize visible cords.

Lastly, you can place wires in decorative baskets.

How To Hide Cable Box On Floor?

You can hide a cable box on the floor by concealing them underneath a rug.

This is an excellent and incredibly easy technique to hide them under a mat. Try covering them with electrical tape to protect them from snagging on the floor.

With regards to the cords, we advise using a rubber floor runner to conceal them. It is especially problematic if it crosses a hallway or other heavily traveled area.

In addition to keeping you from tripping, these also prevent the cords from becoming tangled and frayed.


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