What Can I Hang From My Ceiling?

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What Can I Hang From My Ceiling?

Hanging decors are the best way to decorate your home while saving space at the same time.

They can also produce a chic and dramatic aesthetic especially if you can position them in the right section of your home.

Another important thing you must consider is the display or hanging decor you will put up on your ceiling.

It is vital to determine the right decoration because the wrong one could ruin your interior design of the home.

So the question is, what can I hang from my ceiling?

Some of the most popular choices of hanging decors are pot plants, flowers, lamps, chandeliers, canopies, hanging chairs, etc.

In this short but informative blog, I will share with you a list of the items you can hang on your ceiling and improve the style of your home in the process.

What Are Things That Can Hang From the Ceiling?

The following is a list of 13 things you can hang from your home’s ceiling.

1. Pot Plants

Pot plants are the most common hanging decorations in a home. It is a perfect decor whether you place them in the living room or patio.

Plants can brighten up the room because it draws natural light. As a result, it improves the quality of air circulation and purifies the air you breathe.

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Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging plants add a touch of green that is relaxing and inviting. You can also infuse more style into the hanging plants by painting the pots or using those that have designs.

2. Statement Lamps

Statement lamps are one of the best things you can hang on your ceiling as decorations because you can combine classical and modern aesthetics.

The design of statement lamps comes in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose any of them as long as it fits the style of your home.

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Industrial Plug-in Pendant Light

Furthermore, statement lamps are functional as a secondary source of lighting at night while increasing your home’s value. 

3. Chandelier

A chandelier is a staple of an affluent home. They are elegant and luxurious and can significantly improve the style of the living room.

Still, they are also expensive and impractical if you don’t have a limited budget for the initial and maintenance cost.

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Modern Crystal Chandelier

But if you have the money for it, which includes the maintenance cost that follows, then chandeliers are a good investment for your home because.

Aside from the touch of sophistication, the residential improvement can increase the value of your home as well.

4. Hanging Decor

Aside from the ones in this article, you’ll discover more hanging decorations to explore and match your home’s interiors.

Some popular hanging decors you can check out are string lights, paper lanterns, tapestries, wind chimes, hanging beads, etc.

You can also create a DIY hanging decor that should give you more satisfaction than the ones you buy in your home depot.

For example, you can fill mason jars with beads or trinkets and hang them on your patio. The sky’s the limit; you only have to let your creativity do its work.

5. Sun Catcher

As the name suggests, suncatchers draw natural light, and as the sun’s rays hit them, it produces a shimmering spectrum of colors across the room.

Suncatchers brighten up a room due to the reflection of the sun.

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Hanging Sun Catchers with Chain Pendant Ornament

However, you should not put the suncatchers in the living room or where you usually hold visitors.

And this is because everybody isn’t appreciative and uncomfortable with the high reflection the item produces. 

6. Disco Ball Decor

Disco balls are unusual decorations because most people associate them with social activities at night. However, some households use them as centerpieces on the patio or part of the home’s interiors.

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Mirror Disco Ball

In any case, the disco ball has similar effects as suncatchers, reflecting light from the sun. It brightens up the room and improves the lighting during the day.

Another great thing about disco balls is that they are affordable, but you have to secure them because they are heavy and could fall if not properly tied to the ceiling.

7. Cute Cotton Cloud Decor

A cotton cloud is perfect for special events like a kid’s birthday or a hanging decoration in your child’s room.

These hanging decorations are inviting, and looking at them is relaxing and emits positivity.

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Hanging Cloud Ornament

Some varieties of hanging cotton clouds decoration glow in the dark or have a light source, making them ideal as a night light.

8. Ceiling Mount Shelf

In contrast to a wall-mounted shelf, a ceiling mount shelf adds a little extra in making your displays more prominent to your visitors.

Depending on the style of the ceiling mount shelf and its position, it can make the displays on the shelf the focal point of the room which can also be the perfect conversation starter.

9. Hammock Chair

Hanging a hammock chair is something that most people might not have thought of.

When we think of things hanging on the ceiling, I’m sure some would immediately imagine those with decorative or functional purposes, like a garment rack.

However, hammock chairs are a real thing that you can put either inside the house or on your patio’s ceiling.

Y- Stop Hammock Chair Macrame Swing Chair, Max 330 Lbs, Hanging Chair Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Swing for Indoor and Outdoor Use, White

Macrame Hammock Chair

It is comfortable and one of the best ways to relax after work. In addition, it doesn’t take up much space in your home, and you can clean around it anytime you like.

However, you will need to find a specific point on the ceiling to anchor the ends of the hammocks. It has to be sturdy and strong enough to support your weight.

10. Canopy

A canopy is placed above the bed, and the fabric falls to the floors.

It has no specific function, but it can greatly improve your bedroom’s aesthetics, adding a sense of sophistication and luxury.

11. Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are artificial flowers. And they possess several advantages over real flowers.

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Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor

For one thing, it is extremely low maintenance. In addition, it is extremely lightweight and can still provide the same stylish set up as a real flower.

12. Pendant Speakers

Pendant speakers are a unique way to lighten up the room, especially if you love listening to music and podcasts and the people residing in your home.

It gives you the convenience of playing your song anytime you like.

OSD Audio Forza6 6.5" Pendant Hanging Speaker Weather Resistant, Reinforced Cable Suspension, 70V/8Ohm, Single

Pendant Hanging Speaker

You also have to be selective with the style and design of the speakers if you want the pendant speakers to complement the room’s interior design.

13. Origami

Origami is an excellent choice for your kid’s room or as decoration in a room full of preschool students.

And what’s great about origami decorations is that they are super affordable and they are very easy to install as well.

You don’t need a drill or hammer to put them on the ceiling. All you need is Scotch tape and tread.

After making the origami, tie them with the tread and use Scotch or masking tape to hang them on the ceiling.

How Much Weight Can You Hang From the Ceiling?

Gold Armour Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing Max 500lbs, 2 Seat Cushions Included, Hanging Chair with Pocket-Quality Cotton Weave for Superior Comfort & Durability (Cream White)

Hammock Chair

In general, the maximum weight that your ceiling can hold is about nine pounds. This could be a problem if you are putting up a hammock chair.

Thus, you will need to find a section of your ceiling that is sturdy and strong enough to accommodate your weight before you anchor the hammock’s ropes.

Is Hanging Things From The Ceiling a Fire Hazard?

One concern many homeowners have about hanging anything on the ceiling is if these items are a fire hazard. And a quick answer to the concern is not necessary.

Most of the items that people usually hang on their ceilings are non-combustible.

However, it is a different story if the item hanging from the ceiling uses electricity or heat.

Thus, you must unplug the item or turn off the heat before you sleep or if you are away from home. Remember that paints are highly combustible if exposed to high heat levels.

Can You Hang Things On the Ceiling Without Drilling?

You can use adhesive tapes or hooks to hang anything on the ceiling as long as they are lightweight and can support the item’s overall weight.

However, if it is heavy such as a chandelier or hammock chair, you must drill holes in the ceiling.

Is It Safe To Drill Holes In The Ceiling?

In general, it is safe to drill holes in the ceiling.

However, in some instances, people who drill holes in the ceiling constantly are at risk of health conditions such as rotator cuff syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis.

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