How Do You Properly Install Window Well Covers?

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How Do You Properly Install Window Well Covers?

Window well cover is a home installation that you need to consider because of its several advantages, such as keeping animals and rain from entering your window well and flooding it eventually.

The window well cover also serves as security in preventing your kids from accidentally falling inside.

However, installing a window well cover can be quite a painstaking task. And this is because wrong installations won’t give you the benefits mentioned above.

So with this in mind—how do you properly install window well covers?

First and foremost, experts suggest that the window wells should be properly measured. And that the dimensions of the covers are similar to your measurements.

However, it is not easy as it sounds. Today, I will share detailed information about the subject matter to help you install the window well cover effectively.

How To Properly Install Window Well Covers?

Below are the five step-by-step basic guidelines on the proper way of installing window well covers.

Step 1: Considerations Before Buying a Window Well Cover

The first step you must take is to take note of the accurate measurement of the window well. You have to remember that a loose cover won’t give your home security from flooding, keeping animals trapped inside the well, or making it less accident-prone.

Another factor you must consider is that there are basic types of window well covers, such as those that are transparent and others that are a large variety.

The transparent cover attracts natural light, while the larger window well cover is for escape route purposes.

Step 2: Take Note of the Measurement of the Window Well

Taking note of the measurement of the window well as accurately as possible is crucial. And this is because a cover that is even an inch short won’t keep the rainwater from filling up your basement. The small gap may not prevent animals from going inside as well.

Although the task is relatively straightforward, you have to be extra diligent when jotting down the figures to avoid any mishaps moving forward. You may need to add allowance to accommodate the short in size and ensure that it serves its purpose.

Step 3: Measure Every Corner of the Window Well

In addition to the accurate measurement of the window well, you also have to add another allowance to where the sides of the cover will rest on the wall.

The recommended measurement is that it should be at least four inches to six inches. Afterward, mark the points with a marker and Scotch tape so you would lose the markers as you begin the installation.

The same process goes whether you are working with a transparent or large window well cover.

Step 4: Remove the Plastic Covers

Remove the plastic covers of the window well. And then, insert a 3-inch by 4-inch chunk of wood between the plastic cover and tape marking.

Use a handheld drill to bore a hole for the screws to fit tightly. The chunk of wood inserted earlier prevents the covers from damaging during the boring since its materials are light and malleable.

Step 5: Tighten the Corners of the Window Well Covers and Test It

The last part of the process is to tighten the bond by using clamps to ensure that it secures the edges. And then, you need to ensure no bends or scratches.

What Are The Best Window Well Covers?

There are no definite best window well covers because it all depends on the homeowners’ personal preferences and the window’s dimensions.

The following are the best window well covers based on specific categories.

1. Best Overall: Amerimax Home Area Wall Cover

Amerimax Home Prod. 75260 Area Wall Cover

The best overall product, regarding the number of positive comments, is the Amerimax Home Area Wall Cover. Although some parts of the cover are translucent, the materials are sturdy and reliable against the elements.

The products can withstand and won’t break even if it’s up to 500 pounds of pressure.

2. Best for Your Budget: Shape Store’s Polycarbonate Circular Window Well Cover

45 in. x 26 in. Polycarbonate U-Shape Window Well Cover

It is important to remember that the cheapest window wall cover sometimes isn’t the best option. The materials used in manufacturing the product are often substandard and not reliable.

Shape Store’s Polycarbonate isn’t cheap, but it is also not expensive. But this may be the case—you can be certain that you are getting the best possible quality.

The hard and transparent plastic is sufficient to withstand heavy pressure, making them excellent in protecting anyone from falling inside the window well.

3. Best Round Window Well Cover: Maccourt Type A Window Well Cover

Maccourt Products Inc W4018 Type A Window Well Cover 40" x 18-1/2" x 9 1/2"

If a rounded window well cover is what you prefer, then the Maccourt Type A Window Cover is what you are looking for in a quality cover. And this brand model has been in production since 2007, and this has been the case because of the quality it offers.

The soft edges of the covers not only ensure the safety of any kids running around from falling into the window well, but they also put your mind at ease for any related accidents from sharp objects in your home.

4. Best Low Profile Well Cover: Maccourt Type Q Window Well Cover

Maccourt 4020C Type Q Window Cover

The Maccourt Type Q Window is a perfect choice if you don’t want the window well cover to be obvious. And the great advantage of this product is that the transparent characteristic of the cover attracts as much as naturally as possible during the daytime.

However, as transparent as it is, the plastic material is solid enough to take a huge amount of pressure.

Are All Window Well Covers the Same Size?

Window well covers come in different sizes and shapes that depend on the dimensions of the area where you are planning to install them. Thus, it gives you much flexibility in choosing the right ones that perfectly fit your window’s measurement well.

In addition to the size, you also have to note the available materials used in manufacturing the window well cover. Some of the common varieties you will find in the market are either hard plastic or polycarbonate plastic.

The last thing you have to bear is that there are particular types and sizes of window well covers that work best in certain climates and the amount of pressure it can take.

It is an important consideration, especially if you have kids that frequently play in your backyard where the window well is. It prevents any accidents as a result of them falling inside the window well.

What Sizes Do Window Well Covers Come In?

There is no specific standard on the matter of window well covers. And it is for this reason that you will find wide varieties in the market. But they are available in premade materials, and you must diligently select the one that fits the dimensions of your window well.

Some common sizes range from a minimum of 37 by 16 inches to a maximum of 65 by 25 inches.

If you are not confident with any of the available covers in your area, you can always have them customized if you like to give you the exact fittings.

How Do You Cover a Large Window Well?

It’s not an issue if you have a small window well to work. And this is because all that you will ever need is readily available in your local home depot.

However, it could be especially challenging if it’s a larger window that you may need to construct your cover. Building a window well cover is a straightforward process, but it may take time and work to accomplish the entire project.

And some of the popular materials homeowners use to construct window well covers are wood planks or repurposed metal tin.

Are Window Well Covers Worth It?

Yes. Putting up window well covers is worth investing your time and money in. First and foremost, it keeps the rain, snow, dirt, animals, and other debris from entering your basement through the window.

It also serves as ventilation that keeps the air flowing inside the premises. Another great thing about window well covers is most of them are transparent plastic that ensures sunlight from bringing natural light to the basement area of your house.

In a way, it also allows you to save money on electric bills. As advantageous as they are, you have to be certain that you have to consider the proper measurement to ensure they fit in nicely to the window well.

Lastly, it is an important installation for the safety of your family or anyone in your home or pets. And this is especially true if you have kids roaming outside the premises.

Installing a window well cover prevents them from accidentally falling into the window well, which would lead to injuries.

How Much Should Window Well Covers Cost?

The average cost of an Egress window well covers installation costs of approximately $4,800 to $6,500, including professional fees and materials needed for the project.

However, you don’t have to spend that much on a quality window well cover. A decent quality cover will cost you an average of $100 to $300, including professional fees and materials.

A quality window well cover is about $50 to $150, while the estimated cost from professionals ranges anywhere from $40 to $50 at least. But you can save money if you have the skills to install the covers yourself.

How Much Does a Custom Window Well Cover Cost?

A custom window well cover will give you a lot of flexibility in decorating your home. Although it is a necessary installation in your home for safety purposes, it doesn’t mean you are limited in using them for decorative purposes.

However, if you plan for a custom-made window well cover, you must prepare your budget because it is an expensive installation. The average custom window well covers costs about $1,000 to $2,000.

Although costly, having them custom-made instead of premade provides certain advantages worth investing money in. For example, you can be assured of the exact measurement of the window well. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to choose the designs you like that fit your home’s theme.

Is Basement Window Well Covers Necessary?

Yes. Basement window well covers are necessary, especially for safety purposes. These installations prevent animals and your children from accidentally into the window well, which would cause serious physical injuries.

In addition, they serve other purposes, such as blocking the rain, dust, snow, and other debris from entering your house’s basement.

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