How To Unlock A Doorknob With A Hole On One Side?

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How To Unlock A Doorknob With A Hole On One Side?

A privacy lock is a door lock with a small hole typically installed for privacy purposes. It is commonly found in bathrooms and bedrooms.

A privacy lock is easier to open than other locks, especially if you have an emergency key. Insert it into the small hole and push until the door opens.

But what will you do if the key is missing?

To unlock a doorknob with a hole on one side, use a screwdriver, a plastic card, or a strong force. If using a screwdriver, insert its tip into the small hole, then push forward.

For a plastic card, you only need to slip it between the door and push the bolt in until the door opens. When using a strong force, kick on the door strike.

Unlocking A Door Lock – How To Do It?

Unlocking A Door Lock - How To Do It?

You can unlock a door lock with a hole in a few seconds. You only need to have the correct items and the proper procedures. Fortunately, the items are available in the nearest hardware store.

There are different ways to open a privacy lock. Insert a screwdriver, slip a plastic card, or use strong force.

Method 1: With a Screwdriver

You will need a small watchmaker screwdriver if the door lock has a push-in locking mechanism. This screwdriver is typically used as a precision tool. It is available in different sizes and colors.

As much as possible, get the smallest size. A Phillips #000 screwdriver is a good choice since it is very compact. It is designed to fix electronic applications.

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If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use other items like a match stick or a small metal pin. However, ensure it is sturdy enough not to get broken and get stuck inside the lock’s hole. 

To start, you need to insert the screwdriver inside the small hole. You must put it inside until you cannot stick it any longer. You will feel a slight resistance while the screwdriver is inside the lock.

Push the button inside the hole until you hear a clicking sound. After that, you can now open the door.

You may also encounter a privacy lock with a turnover-style locking mechanism. In this case, you will need a small flathead screwdriver to fit inside the hole.

Once you have the item, insert it inside the lock at least 1 inch deep, then turn it until it falls into the slot. Try opening the door.

Method 2: With a Plastic Card

Using a plastic card works on a privacy lock. But first, you must check if a card can fit between the door and frame. If it cannot fit, using this technique won’t work.

The bolt must also be in the spring-loaded mechanism. If not, you may need to use other options to unlock the door.

But if you think the card fits, look for a card you can use. You wouldn’t want to use essential cards like your credit cards.

There is no assurance that your card won’t break during the procedure. Choose a sturdy and unusable one, like an expired membership card.

Once you have the item you need, start the procedure by holding the door knob to make pushing in the bolt easier.

Next, lean on the door using your body. This technique will help to create more space for the card. Insert the card perpendicularly in the in-between of the door. 

Start moving it up and down until the bolt pushes in. You can now open the door.

Method 3: With a Strong Force

This method is not highly recommended since you may harm yourself and have to spend time fixing the door.

However, it is helpful if there is an emergency. Maybe someone fainted inside the bathroom, or your baby is trapped inside. Fortunately, there is a proper way to open a locked door using force.

Before kicking the door, make sure it is locked by grasping the door knob and turning it. If locked, kick the door strike since it has the least resistance.

It is where you can find the door handle latches on the door frame.

The wooden screws in the door strike are short and easily tear off when exposed to force.

Most of the interior doors have hollow cores. You can break it by pressing your knees to the center of the door.

Avoid using this method on heavier doors since you may harm yourself. You can use a prybar or crowbar to open the door or ask for help.

What’s the Hole On the Side Of a Door Knob For?

Most of the door knobs have intriguing holes on their narrow end. The purpose of this hole is to release and remove the knob. You have to depress the latch mechanism by inserting a small paper clip.

The front knob will slide, exposing the lock cylinder. This step is crucial when you want to change your door lock.

Another function of the small hole is to reverse a lever-style handle. It is useful if you have to point it in the opposite direction. In addition, you can remove the pins and the cylinder if you want to match your new key with the lock.

However, it would depend on the brand of the lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Emergency Key?

An emergency key is used to open a privacy lock from the exterior side of the door. Most of the privacy lock brands include an emergency key on the package. You can contact the manufacturer through its website if you lose your key.

Another option is purchasing the key online.

Types Of Privacy Locks – What Are They?

The most common of the privacy locks is the turn-button or turnover. When using this lock, you only have to turn the button clockwise then the door is locked. Out of all the privacy locks, it is the most affordable.

Another type is the push-pin or button lock. Usually, the button is located on the door knob or lever’s rosette. It is also known for its panic release, wherein you only have to turn the lever on the inside so you can unlock the door. A push-pin lock is helpful for emergencies.

The last kind of privacy lock is known as the lever or knob. It is unique and more modern in style and function than the two privacy locks. It looks like a lever but doesn’t have a lock on the outside.

In an emergency, you will need an item that will fit in the slot. A small flathead screwdriver or a penny will do. 

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