Can I Have A Walk-In Shower In A Small Bathroom?

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Can I Have A Walk-In Shower In A Small Bathroom?

A small bathroom can sometimes hinder creating a space that suits your preferences and makes you happy. Therefore, can you have some of the basic amenities of an average bathroom in a modern home if you have a tiny space to work with?

Is it possible to install a walk-in shower in a bathroom with a small space?

A walk-in shower is generally suitable for any bathroom shape and size because they are customizable. You can easily install or reinstall them in other floor spaces and position them even in bathrooms with a limited area or unusual shape.

However, you must still be conscious of the walk-in shower because not all have the same shape and size. And you have to select the ones that match the size of your bathroom.

In today’s short but informative blog, we will explore the prospect of further installing walk-in showers in a small bathroom and help you determine if they fit the area.

Can I Have A Walk-In Shower In A Small Bathroom?

Walk-in showers are more appropriate for small bathrooms than bathtubs. You will find many options for various walk-in showers depending on the style you like and the size and shape of the bathroom.

In addition, having a small bathroom is not an excuse for you not to have the space you desire that is both comfortable and luxurious in some sense. Aside from the walk-in shower, you can add furniture and fixtures like a vanity cabinet or tiny bathtub to improve style and functionality.

However, you will have a difficult time, or even impossible, searching for the right bathtub because you also have to consider your length when you are sitting in the bathtub.

What Is the Smallest Size For a Walk-In Shower?

In general, a walk-in shower suits all types of bathrooms. However, experts recommend that the smallest bathroom size for walk-in showers is about 36 inches by 36 inches, which includes the bench or cabinets on the walls.

You can install a walk-in shower smaller than the suggested installation size. But by adhering to the 36 inches by 36 inches minimum recommendation, you create a comfortable walk-in shower that provides enough space to move around as you are showering.

Are Walk-In Showers a Good Idea In Small Bathrooms?

Walk-in showers are a practical way to optimize the size of the bathroom. They are excellent for small spaces because walk-in showers cover only a tiny bathroom area.

You also have a ton of options when it comes to the design of the shower door and showerhead. They have the potential to transform your bathroom into a stunning and stylish space if you can select the perfect fit for its interior design. 

Lastly, a walk-in shower inside a small bathroom is easiest to clean and maintain because you have minimal space to work with.

Which Shower Is Best For a Small Bathroom?

You don’t need to sacrifice comfort and luxury if you have a tiny bathroom. You only have to be creative in optimizing your space and selecting the walk-in shower that best suits the small space of the bathroom.

Corner Walk-In Shower

Among other designs available, the recommended positioning of the walk-in shower is the backend corner of the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s left or right; it depends on which section you prefer.

Under this setup, it allows you to maximize the floor plan fully. And to take advantage of a corner walk-in shower even further, you opt for a glass enclosure or a doorless entry shower.

Neo Edge Walk-In Shower

Under this setup, the walk-in shower is also in the far corner of the bathroom. However, the angles of the shower’s corners are angled instead of straight edges. Now, a neo-edge walk-in shower is excellent for a small bathroom with an irregular shape.

Doorless Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower free of doors is perfect for minimalists who want to maximize space as much as possible. All you have to do is install the showerhead in the bathroom area where you are comfortable taking your showers.

A Combination of Freestanding Bathtub and Walk-In Shower

Sometimes, you have to select between a walk-in shower or a bathtub. However, you don’t have to sacrifice any of them because you can enjoy both by installing a walk-in shower and freestanding bathtub.

The great thing about a bathtub and walk-in shower is that another best way to save space in your small bathroom without compromising style and comfort.

Monochromatic Walls and Floors

Using a monochromatic theme is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Aside from its elegant minimalism, the monochrome finish is perfect for tight spaces because it makes the area appear spacious.

Alcove Walk-In Shower

The characteristic of an Alcove walk-in shower is the three walls acting as the enclosure, while the fourth side is an open doorway where you can put up a curtain for privacy and prevent parts of the bathroom from getting wet.

A glass door is also an option depending on the homeowner’s preferences and budget available.

Glass Panel Walk-In Shower

A small bathroom also makes it easy to establish a walk-in shower by putting up a partition glass separating it from the main bathroom area.

How Do You Fit a Shower In a Small Space?

Below are some of the best recommendations to help you fit a walk-in shower installation into a bathroom with a tight space—


First and foremost, you have to consider the bathroom floor space. Regardless of the layout, the popular and recommended position of the walk-in should be in the backend corner of the bathroom, which optimizes the floor area and gives you a comfortable and adequate space to move in and out.

Small Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass walls and sliding doors are still popular for walk-in showers. And this is because a glass enclosure is more minimalistic and makes a small bathroom appear spacious. 

Glass panels give you a full view of the back walls of the bathroom. In addition, they attract more natural light that makes the area appear larger and less cluttered.

Maximize Storages

For a small bathroom, it is important to maximize every space as possible. As a result, it gives the walk-in shower more space and comfort as you take your daily hygiene routine.

Optimize Niches in the Bathroom

Instead of installing shelves or towel racks, you can optimize space by using the niches or cavities, if there are any, inside the bathroom as storage. If your bathroom doesn’t have niches, you can create wall cavities and install tiles that match the bathroom’s interiors.

Consider A Walk-In Shower and Bathtub Combo

A separate bathtub and walk-in shower might not seem reasonable, especially for a tiny bathroom. However, you can enjoy both of the luxuries they provide because you will find a bathtub and walk-in shower combo that is perfect if you want to maximize the size of your bathroom.

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