Hot Water In Sink But No Hot In Shower, What To Do?

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Hot Water In Sink But No Hot In Shower But, What To Do?

It can be extremely inconvenient and annoying at the same time if you are in the middle of your shower, then suddenly, the hot water stops working, and you are soaked in cold water in the peak of autumn or winter. Can you relate?

But have you ever had the experience that the hot water issue is only present in the shower, but everything seems well in the sink? 

If hot water is present in all water outlets except the shower, the one possible problem could be the anti-scald device, which is set too high and over its limit. 

Anti-scald devices are safety features in faucets to prevent them from producing water beyond the limit of what is safe for us. Other terms used for Anti-scald systems are rotational limit stop or hot limit stop.

For today, I will discuss the subject matter a little further, and then, I will provide you with a solution for restoring heat to your shower.

Why Is There No Hot Water In The Shower, But I Have Hot Water In The Sink?

Why Is There No Hot Water In The Shower, But I Have Hot Water In The Sink?

Your shower may have one of the two most common problems why there’s no hot water in the shower.

Let’s explore them to know the issue we are dealing with and determine the best possible solution for them.

Problem #1: The Anti-Scald System Limit is Too High

The other names for the anti-scald system are rotational limit stop or hot limit stop. And this is because the system is a stopper that prevents the shower from pouring water that is beyond tolerable or harmful to us.

So how are we going to determine if the anti-scald system is the cause of the problem? The only way for us to see if it is the issue is by locating the anti-scald system, and then you need to adjust it if there are changes in the water temperature.

Problem #2: Malfunctioned Shower Valve

Another common reason your shower isn’t producing warm water is that the valve might malfunction. And the valve heating the water isn’t mixing well in the water pipes connected to the showerhead.

The shower valve regulates the temperature of the water. If the valves malfunction, you will notice not only the absence of hot water but of cold water as well.

The only way to determine if the shower valves are causing the issue is by tinkering with the anti-scald system. And if there are no improvements in the water temperature, it’s likely to be a shower valve malfunction.

How To Fix No Hot Water In The Shower But Hot In The Sink?

The solution to the problems depends on what is causing the issue—whether it’s the anti-scald or a malfunctioning valve. The fix is straightforward if the problem is with the anti-scald system. 

All you have to do is adjust the anti-scald system, and your shower should be back on producing hot water again in a few minutes. But if the issue is a malfunctioning shower valve, you might need a plumber’s assistance.

Never attempt to fix the shower valve on your own because it is not as easy as it looks and to prevent further damage to the pipes. It is a complicated process that requires the expertise of a professional.

To adjust the anti-scald limit, follow the steps below.

  • If your shower has an anti-scald system, you should find them under the knob or faucet. If you’re not sure what an anti-scald system looks like, it has a plastic characteristic sitting underneath the faucet
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the shower knob or faucet. Other varieties are a simple turn and twist to expose the anti-scald system
  • To adjust the anti-scald, pull it forward using a wrench until the level is free. And then, turn them slightly to the right to push the plastic nozzle back to its position
  • And then, you have to test the temperature of the water and observe if there are any changes
  • If you notice any changes, but you’re not satisfied with the temperature, you can repeat the steps until you find the perfect water temperature

Why Is My Hot Water Not Working In My Shower, But My Cold Is?

If you notice that there’s no hot water pouring from the shower, but the cold water is properly working, the issue might lie in a depreciated o-rings or washer.

The shower valve regulates hot and cold water. A worn-out or deeply depreciated washer inside the shower valve could cause the regulators to malfunction and produce only cold water.

Why Am I Not Getting Hot Water In Only One Bathroom?

If you observe that only one area isn’t producing hot water, the problem is likely to be a blocked water line.

Some common reasons for the blockage include accumulated debris, sediments, and mineral deposits that block the hot water line.

The unregulated high temperature of the water can also add to the problem of debris buildup.

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