What To Do If DoorKnob Hole Is Too Big?

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What To Do If Door Knob Hole Is Too Big

The doorknob hole size could be a nuisance, especially if you bought new door handles, only to find out that it doesn’t fit well.

Are we left with no option but to return it to the home depot where we purchased it and ask for a replacement? Or are there available solutions to get around the dilemma?

The good news is that there are several things you can do to remedy the problem. So what to do if the doorknob hole is too big?

The most common solution to the too-big doorknob hole is to use wood filler with a semi-liquid consistency to accommodate the gaps.

But if you’re looking for further details about doorknob size and how you can fix a doorknob hole that doesn’t fit, then let’s continue to learn more…

Why Is My Doorknob Hole Too Big?

Why Is My Door Knob Hole Too Big?

Several reasons a doorknob hole may be too big or increase in size. But no matter what the case may be — you must know what causes the gap to tackle them and prevent them in the future effectively.

And among the common causes that you have to take note of is that you might have bought the wrong doorknob leads to it becoming wobbly and even damaging the door further.

Or it is also another possible reason is that the doorknob is not properly installed. The person putting together the installation might have measured the dimensions of the doorknob incorrectly, which causes it not to fit just right. In addition, there might be a loose ring that causes it to move around.

You might have also noticed the doorknob hole getting bigger as time progresses. And this is the case because another common cause for such an instance is the usual wear and tear.

The last and other likely reason the doorknob is too big is that it might be faulty. You must remember that a malfunctioning doorknob may result in more effort in unlocking the mechanism and the pulling and pushing action.

How To Fix Too-Big Doorknob Hole?

Sometimes we may have the impression that the doorknob is too big, but this is not always the case because among the many reasons why it wobbles is because of loose screws.

So how do we fix a doorknob hole that doesn’t fit well with your door?

The following are simple steps for remedying the issue.

Uninstall the Doorknob

Uninstall the Door Knob

First, you must uninstall or unmount the doorknob by unscrewing the screws and bolts. If you haven’t unscrewed a doorknob before, you must first locate the detent where the pin is.

The detent is where the spring mechanism of the knob or handle is. It is also where you will find most of the screws.

Take Out the Base

Once you have removed the knob and shaft covering the entire handle, you will have to take the base, which is the ring around the edges of the knob. In addition, you have to do the process slowly for you to prevent damaging the plate.

In addition, you have to organize the screws and rings as you put them down so you won’t lose them when you are about to bring them back.

Tighten the Loose Screws

Use the screws to find the loose screws. And once you have found them, hold the back plate and tighten the screws until you are confident that it no longer moves around.

Put Them Back Together

The last part of the procedure is to put them back together. Just like uninstalling them, it is also important to screw them and re-install them carefully to avoid damaging the plates and surface of the doorknob.

How To Resize Doorknob Hole?

If the loosened screws are not the problem, and the doorknob hole is just relatively bigger than it is supposed to be, then the good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom regarding the issue, as I discussed earlier.

You can resize the doorknob hole whenever you see it move around when you tug and pull the handle.

Below are the 11 steps to resize the doorknob hole.

1. The first step is to lock the doorknob so it won’t shake during the procedure.

2. Similar to the previous section, remove the doorknob’s handles, screws, rings, and plates.

3. And then remove the entire doorknob.

4. Again, neatly organize the doorknob parts so you won’t lose any of them as you put them back together.

5. Prepare the knob hole by sanding the area with a regular sandpaper or wire brush. And then, clean the area and remove the debris before you apply the wood filler.

6. Get the wood filler and pour an ample amount on a small or medium-sized paintbrush. Don’t use regular paint because it will disable you from reaching the edges of the doorknob hole.

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7. Apply the wood filler on the surface of the edges of the doorknob until you create even layers.

8. Let the application dry for a few hours or so.

9. Now that the application has completely dried, sand the surface once more to remove any imperfections.

10. Double-check the wood filler application and ensure they’re leveled evenly.

11. Lastly, put the doorknob mechanism back together.

Should You Buy Wood Filler Or Make It?

The video below shows you how to make wood filler for your needs.

Can You Patch a Doorknob Hole?

You can patch a doorknob hole instead of using wood filler which is much more time-consuming.

Before you move on with wood fillers or uninstall the mechanism, try patching or tightening the doorknob hole and see whether it works.

But if it doesn’t, it is the best time to opt for repairs like applying wood fillers or even replacing the doorknob if it is faulty.

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