How Do I Know What Toilet Seat Will Fit My Toilet?

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How Do I Know What Toilet Seat Will Fit My Toilet?

Choosing the proper toilet seat for your toilet might be difficult. It offers an extensive range of choices. However, understanding the compatibility factors will make the entire process easier.

You can choose one that will fit properly if you take the proper measurements. This ensures optimal comfort and functionality. With these key factors, selecting the ideal toilet seat becomes a simple task. 

To know which toilet seat will fit in your toilet, measure the length. Focus on finding the dimensions of the toilet bowl from the front edge.

Then measure the center of the hinge holes at the back. Next, measure the width at its widest point. It is best to choose a seat that fits into the shape of your toilet bowl for replacement purposes.

In the US, modern bidet toilet seats are generally classified as round and elongated.

Are Toilet Seats Universal Size?

Are Toilet Seats Universal Size?

Toilet seats are not universally standardized in terms of design and shape. However, there are common options that exist. 

Toilet bowl standard sizes come in various shapes. These include elongated, round, square, angular, round, and D-shaped bathroom toilets.

The standard measurement for the distance between the centers of the seat post holes is 5.5 inches. This measurement is widely used and fits most bidet toilets.

However, measuring the distance on your specific toilet seat cover is better to ensure a proper fit. 

Standard Dimension of Toilet Seat

The standard size difference between elongated and round toilet seats is 3.5 inches.

  • Elongated toilet seats typically measure around 18.5 inches in length. This elongated shape provides additional space and is commonly found in modern bathrooms.
  • Round toilet seats are usually around 16.5 inches in length. They are circular and often used in smaller or more compact bathrooms.
  • Additionally, European bidet toilet seat models may have non-standard seat post-hole distances. The distance between the seat post holes may not be 5.5 inches in such cases.

How Do I Know My Toilet Seat Size?

How Do I Know My Toilet Seat Size?

To begin, measure the size and dimensions of your toilet bowl. Then calculate the distance between the mounting holes for the fixing elements.

Take off the old toilet seat.

Lift the seat cover and locate the bolts securing it to the toilet bowl. Unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver or wrench and remove the old seat.

Choose your desired toilet shape.

Examine the toilet bowl to determine if it is round or elongated. Elongated bowls have a more oval shape, while round bowls are circular.

Get the necessary length and width.

These measurements will help you acquire the right dimensions for your toilet seat.

Find out the spacing between the drill holes.

To ensure a proper fit, measure the distance between the centers of the drill holes. You can find the fixing elements attached to the bidet toilet.

How to Measure Your Toilet Seat?

To measure your toilet seat, you will need a tape measure. Next is to determine the accurate dimension of a toilet bowl.

Acquire its length, height, and width. Then measure the hole distance and install your new bathroom toilet seat.

Step 1. Gather Tools

Collect the necessary tools. These include measuring tape or a ruler to measure your toilet seat accurately.

Step 2. Measure the Length of the Bowl

As mentioned earlier, the standard lengths range from 16.5 inches to round-shaped. Meanwhile, it’s 18.5 inches for an elongated-shaped bidet toilet seat.

Step 3. Measure the Width of the Toilet Bowl

Take the necessary dimensions of the widest part of the toilet bowl. You can measure the diameter from one edge to the opposite edge.

Step 4. Measure the Height of the Toilet Seat

Determine the distance between the mounting holes of the toilet seat to the cistern or wall. 

Step 6. Measure the Fixing Hole Distance

Remember that the standard measurement for North American toilet seat bolts is 5.5 inches.

Step 7. Install the New Toilet Seat

After determining the correct measurements, select a matching bathroom toilet seat.

Can You Replace the Toilet Seat Hinges? 

QWORK Replacement Toilet Seat Hinge Mountings Stainless Steel 1 Set with Bolts and Nuts

Replacement Toilet Seat Hinge Mountings

Yes, you can replace the toilet seat hinges. 

To begin, figure out the toilet seat hinge type. Look at your existing setup to determine what kind of hinges you currently have.

Next is to remove the used hinges. You can unscrew this by hand. But if they are tight, you may need a wrench or a pair of pliers. 

Then, install the newly purchased hinges. Position the new hinges correctly and pass the screws through the holes. Screw them in tightly.

Lastly, put the safety caps back on. If your seat has safety caps, you can now put these back in place. They usually snap back on.

Are All Toilet Seat Hinges the Same?

The toilet seat hinges are not identical. They come in styles and dimensions. However, there are some standard sizes. 

Therefore, you should take note of the fitting currently in use. Then procure the same kind for the replacement process. 

Toilet Seat Hinge Fixing Types

1. Bottom Fixings are usually attached from underneath the toilet bowl. These are the traditional kind of fixings. Homeowners typically use this for easy access to the underside of the toilet bowl.

2. Top Fixings are generally attached from the top of the toilet seat cover. It does not allow easy access to the bottom of the toilet bowl.

How Can I Make My Toilet Seat Higher?

Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat, 5 Inch Height, Toilet Seat Riser for Elderly and Handicap, Round Or Elongated Toilets, Elevated Toilet Seat and Toilet Riser

Raised Toilet Seat

You can use a detachable raised toilet set to elevate your toilet seat. Another option is to try a clipper to install in your bathroom toilet seat. 

Here are some more alternate ways:

  • Opt for a raised toilet seat generally secured from the front or side.
  • Explore the option of a raised toilet seat with legs, some of which also offer a lock-on feature.
  • Look into the Tall Seat option that includes spacers for extra height.
  • A toilet riser could also be highly used to raise the seat height.
  • An elevated toilet seat within a frame might be another viable option.
  • Using a 3-in-1 commode over the toilet can help raise the height.
  • A mechanical toilet lift could provide an adjustable height solution.

How Do You Replace a Toilet Seat?

When replacing a new unit, you should measure, select, pull out, and install a new toilet seat.

To make sure the toilet seat you choose will fit, you must first measure your current one.

Select a seat that goes with the rest of your bathroom’s decor and fits your style. 

Next, you should remove the old toilet seat unit. You should be able to raise the entire seat of the bowl once the bolts have been removed. 

Align the hinge holes on the new toilet seat with the holes in the bowl before placing them on the bowl. 


How can I make my toilet seat more comfortable?

To make your toilet seat more comfortable, you can purchase a cushion. Other options include a bidet toilet seat and an elevated toilet seat. 

Toilet Seat Cushion

You can purchase a padded toilet seat or a toilet seat cushion. These provide an extra layer of softness. 

Bidet Toilet Seat

Although primarily for cleanliness, bidet toilet seats can add an element of comfort. 

Elevated Toilet Seat

Consider an elevated seat or a toilet seat riser if your toilet seat is too low. 

Non-Slip Toilet Seat

Ensure your seat is securely fastened, and consider models designed to prevent slipping.

Heated Toilet Seat

A heated toilet seat is usually equipped with adjustable temperature settings.

What is the most comfortable toilet seat?

Research indicates that elongated toilet seats are generally perceived as more comfortable. 

The extended oval shape of elongated seats tends to provide more seating area. As a result, it fits the human body’s curves better. This additional space can particularly enhance comfort for adults. 

However, comfort isn’t solely determined by the shape of the toilet seat. The material of the seat plays a pivotal role as well. 

At the same time, padded toilet seats give another level of comfort. The elderly and people with specific medical issues can benefit from these. However, they might not be as sturdy or simple to clean as those without cushions.

Overall, consider the toilet seat’s shape and material for maximum comfort.


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