Are Toilet Tanks Universal Size?

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Are Toilet Tanks Universal Size?

When considering renovating our toilet or needing repairs or replacing the toilet tank, an important question is whether the toilet tanks are universal.

So do toilet tanks have a universal size, and the design is the only factor you only have to worry about?

A quick and short answer to this question is that not all toilet tanks have the same size aside from the design. It is especially true if you are still using an older model of toilets because of different mechanisms at work. 

In this short but informative article, I will discuss toilet tank sizes and help you determine the right fit for your toilet. And then, I will talk about other important concerns like the size of the toilet tank lid.

Types of Toilet Tanks

Before discussing toilet tank sizes, we must discuss the different types of toilet tanks available to you that you can find at your local home depot.

Single Flush Toilet Tank System

A single flush is an average household’s most common toilet tank system. It has the traditional design and simple mechanism of storing water and flushing the toilet with a single lever push.

Inside the toilet tank is a single chain that lifts the lever to release the water and flushes the content of the toilet. And then, it automatically stores water as soon as you finish flushing the toilet.

Dual Flushing System

Dual Flushing System

In contrast to the single flushing system, it has a two-way flushing mechanism that includes a partial and full flush.

Siphon Flushing System

The mechanism of a siphon flushing system toilet tank includes a plunger valve.

The plunger sips water, and when you push the lever, it releases water to flush the content of the toilet.

Ballcock Flush System

A ballcock flush system has a traditional mechanism that you will see in older types of toilet tanks.

Aside from the lever, it includes a ballcock on the plunger. It balances the valve as it releases or stores water.

Double-Cyclone Flushing System

A double-cyclone flushing system is an innovative invention of Toto–they are a prominent manufacturer of toilet and bathroom essentials.

The mechanism at work involves using jet holes on top of the toilet bowl.

It has two nozzles under the toilet lids that release high-pressure swirling water. As a result, it not only flushes the toilet’s contents, but the high-pressure water also cleans the sides.  

Are All Toilet Tanks Same Size?

Are All Toilet Tanks Same Size?

Aside from the toilet’s design and unique mechanism, the size is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a toilet tank.

You must note that the toilet tank size depends on your toilet type

And then you also have to consider the amount of water the toilet tank can release per flush. The standard maximum per flush in the United States is approximately 6 gallons. 

How Do I Know What Kind Of Tank I Need?

You must note the following considerations to find the perfect toilet tank that fits your toilet.

  • Ideally, the toilet and toilet tank have the same brands. And you can find the brand name on the toilet bowl lids.
  • In addition to the brand name of the toilet, you also have to obtain the serial number. And you can find the information inside the toilet tank.
  • You can use the brand name and serial number to find the toilet tank that fits your toilet. You can either Google the brand name and serial or provide the information to your local home depot to help you find the toilet tank you need

If the first method didn’t work, you could use other brands as long as they perfectly fit your toilet bowl. And you can do so by taking the following measurements.

  • The toilet tanks’ width
  • The toilet tanks’ length
  • The toilet tanks’ depth

Once you have the measurements, you can consider them in shopping for a toilet tank.

If you are not sure, you can always ask a local home depot staff to help you find the best toilet tank for your toilet bowl.

Are the Tank Bolt Sizes Standard?

The toilet tank bolt does not have a standard size. Different types of toilet bowls and toilet tanks also have varying bolts and accessories to complete the entire toilet.

However,  there are tank bolts that have a universal size that fits almost all toilet tanks. And one perfect example is tank bolts with a measurement of 5/16 inches by 2 ¾ inches.

How Do You Install Your Toilet Tank?

The installation process is relatively straightforward if it only involves the toilet tank.

The mechanism inside a brand-new toilet tank is already set up, so you don’t necessarily have to install it.

The following are the simple steps for installing a toilet tank.

  • Turn off the main water supply first
  • Flush the toilet tank’s water completely
  • Remove the bolts connecting the toilet bowl from the toilet tank
  • Remove the water line connecting the toilet to the main water source
  • Lift the toilet tank and put them down carefully
  • Put the toilet tank on top of the toilet bowl
  • Screw back the bolts and connect the toilet to the main water line
  • Turn on the main water system

If anything goes wrong or doesn’t work, turn off the main water line again and contact your local plumber for help.

Are Toilet Tank Covers Standard Size?

Kohler K-84591-0 Toilet Tank Cover, 19.6 x 8 x 1.5 inches, White

Toilet tank covers do not have a standard size. However, if the covers break, they must fit perfectly into the toilet tank.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, it also prevents children from opening the covers.

Are Toilet Tank Flappers Universal?

Korky 100BP Ultra High Performance Flapper Fits Most Toilets - Long Lasting Rubber - Easy to Install - Made in USA, Small, Red

No. Toilet tank flappers are not universal. Similar to the covers, the flappers vary from one design to another.

However, the good news is that there are flappers that should fit most types of toilet tanks, such as the FluidMaster Flappers.

Can You Replace a Toilet Tank Lid?

Yes. The lids of the toilet tank are replaceable. Instead of replacing the entire toilet, you can replace the lids, saving you money from buying a new one.

Although looking for the same brand is ideal, you can use other brands if it fits the top of your toilet tank.

Are All Toilet Tank Lids the Same Size?

No. Toilet tank lids vary depending on the type and brand of the toilet tank. Finding the right size is important because not all lids may fit your toilet tank.

How Do I Find the Right Toilet Tank Lid?

Similar to when searching for a toilet tank for your toilet, the same method works when you are looking for a toilet tank lid as well.

Firstly,  you must identify the toilet tank’s brand name and serial number. And then you can either Google them to find which brand or visit your local home depot for help.

If no appropriate toilet tank lid is available, you can measure the dimensions of the toilet tank top and seek help from your local depot or plumber.

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